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e27 discussions, what are some good startup ideas targetting kids?

We build tech 'to save the world', or to make consumers happy. But what about cool ideas for kids? 

e27 discussions, What makes starting up in Indonesia different from other countries in Southeast Asia?

Have you run into any day-to-day business practices that are particularly unique to starting up in Indonesia? 

e27 AMA with Manish Singhal of pi Ventures

The founding partner of pi Ventures answering all your questions on IoT, Machine Learning, robotics, investment, and women entrepreneurship 

[Discussion] I got a great idea but have little business or social skills; how can I approach investors?

I think my product will be revolutionary, but I have no business acumen, so how can I get it out there? 

[Discussion] Running out of cash and struggling to raise follow-on funding; What should a startup do next?

A startup has reasonable revenues, but it is not enough to run the business. It needs at least US$3M, but is struggling to raise it. What'd be your advice for them? 

e27 discussions, was the Amazon Prime Now launch in Singapore a success or failure?

The smart money would say they hit their sales KPIs, but did they sour their only opportunity at a first impression? 

e27 discussions, how do you generate (quality) ideas?

Startups are constantly evolving and a crucial part of the process is forging new paths. But how do people come up with good ideas? 

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