e27 Discussions, my first startup was a failure but I want to start another one, how can I do better this time round?

The path to success is built upon the foundations of failures, but how can entrepreneurs learn from their past mistakes? 

e27 discussions, what challenges have you met when making investment decisions?

This week’s discussion is exclusively for you, our investors partners, and dedicated to all those ‘ugh’ moments of your investment process 

e27 Discussions, What are the worst mistakes that you have made when pitching to potential investors?

Spill it so fellow startup founders do not have to repeat your mistake when pitching to investors 

e27 discussions, what was your greatest mistake as a startup employee?

Employee is the key word here, we ain't talking founder; we are talking about the rest of us 

e27 discussions, if you could only read about one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be?

You are stuck on a deserted island, with a lifetime supply of books, that are only about one topic. What do you choose? 

e27 discussions, How can I make my brand cool?

Are there any tactical steps to move into the cool crowd? 

K Vaitheeswaran, Co-founder of India's first e-commerce company, answering all your questions!

I co-founded Fabmart, am a TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and author of 'Failing to Succeed - the story of India’s first e-commerce company 

e27 discussions, if you could take a side-project full-time, what would it be?

Sure, you love your company, it's a fantastic product, but every now and then we fall victim to 'grass is greener' syndrome. What is yours?