10 contributor articles that we think you should check out

Sifting through our e27 archives? If you’re looking for a good read, here are a few suggestions 

How augmented reality will become the hero of the healthcare industry

Hospitals are staring at a future of immense strain, and augmented reality is key to easing the pressure 

Know the purpose of Singapore startup grants before applying for them  

Grants are a priviledge, not an entitlement, which is an important mindset 

A peek inside the culture at Stashaway

In today's world of remote working, it's important to price-in some time for teams to meet in person 

Screwing up IP law is an easy way to doom your startup

IP laws can seem overly complicated or restrictive, but it's essential to have correct down the road 

How to apply cognitive biases into the fundraising process

Humans make logic leaps to help process the world around us. Understanding how this works can be a game changer in the funding process 

Why PR firms need to think more like startups

Never lose sight of your vision, always stay true to your DNA 

Learning from early failures: Inside our startup Outside

Ever wonder how to get an MVP off the ground? This is a nice first-person account of the process 

Busting the myths around AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud at Echelon 2019

The definitions of these technologies are no longer important; what is important is their applications in the common man's life 

Is Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila the startup scene’s own ‘Thrilla in Manila’?

Punch your way through the startup community by giving your startup idea its much needed spotlight at the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila