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e27 discussions, How do you manage people who are clearly smarter than you, without them thinking you are an idiot?

Oftentimes, the person in a management position is not as "intelligent" as the people they manage. How can they earn the respect of their colleagues? 

Women, your gender is a strength, not a handicap

Ladies, stop using your gender as a crutch. Being a woman greatly empowers, not handicaps you 

Curating 150 plus startup and investor matches at Echelon Thailand, helps improve fundraising success and impact

e27 and engage the local and regional startup scene through activities like mentorship talks and speed dating 

Will machines start taking over our lives? Here are digital technologies that will change our world by 2025

If machines are capable of doing everything that a human can do, the big question is this: What can humans do to make our living? 

From idea, to technology, to product, here are the three pillars of an early-stage startup

Whether you are a hustle-driven, tech-driven, or people-driven business, you need to understand the dynamics of early-stage startup 

e27 discussions, when do co-working spaces do more harm than good?

Co-workings spaces can be fantastic during the early days of a startup, but at what point does it start to hurt more than it helps? 

I am a connector, and I am coming to Echelon to build bridges

I think Echelon is about making meaningful connections. I hope it is the same way for you, too 

Great business leaders challenge their employees all the time, and on-the-job experiences can be a powerful way to master new things

In this article, we will share a general outline for developing a process for on-the-job development, throw light on the benefits of on-the-job training and use of technology to make on-the-job learning reality 

Internal communication is the cornerstone of good collaboration; Here are 7 ways your organisation can communicate better

Effective communication means everyone on your team is in sync with the organisation's culture and goals