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To make sure that we produce enough food for a growing population, we need to optimise our farming industry, and this is where IoT comes in 

The compelling case for cryptopayments in Asia

As demand increases, more merchants will be looking towards solutions that are convenient, cost-effective, secure, and accessible by large amounts of people 

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The stronger your web host is in the following areas, the better they will be able to serve your business. 

5 incentives that can be helpful in attracting awesome employees

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A call to end gatekeeping in Asia's crypto community

The crypto community is just not a friendly bunch; we like playing the guard at the gate 

Viral video strategy: how to strengthen your campaign for higher views

All of the most successful viral videos from brands have a strong visual moment but it is also more than the video itself 

What tech startups need to know about Intellectual Property in China

A guide on how IP works and tips for tech startups to deal with Chinese IP laws 

5 reasons your startups need coupons to grow and expand

It’s imperative for every business, big or small, to design a potent coupon strategy 

In the age of aggressive marketing, how can YOU and your product stand out?

Finding the right marketing techniques to engage your audience in today’s globalised world 

From zero to hero, here are 4 ways startups can build influence quickly

A marketing strategy designed to influence may seem like a daunting task for startups, but the steps outlined below can help your business get there