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Here are 9 Thailand startups that recently got funded

A quick list of funded startups in Thailand straight from our database. 

In the world of chatbots, Ringy is gaining ground with human translation

Chinese-to-english translations have long been hilariously terrible, but if Ringy can make it work there will be some serious bucks in the business 

What made a unicorn hunter invest in ofo?

ofo investor Zhu Xiaohu was called a unicorn hunter because of his outstanding investment moves in the hottest startups in China including Didi Chuxing, and ofo 

AI and data will be the future of the M&A banking industry (Why I decided to merge with Finquest)

Consolidating forces will strengthen our value proposition in helping entrepreneurs, investors, and M&A advisors connect to the right opportunities in Asia 

How to retain your customers: 6 things to do

Because when you get great customers, you wouldn't want to let them go 

The long game: A crash course in customer lifetime value

Focus less on immediate profits, and more on cultivating healthy relationships with customers 

The Jay Kim Show: Chris Brogan on how to avoid entrepreneurship fatigue

A lot of e27 readers have read the book The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. Author Chris Brogan sits down to offer his take on entrepreneurship 

5 reasons you should say "yes" to that startup job offer

Startups are not for everyone, but if you do decide to work for a startup, it can have a lasting impact on your professional and personal life 

Is your long vacation abroad affecting your job? This startup will come to your rescue

The Remote Life finds the right balance between work and play by providing co-working facilitiesĀ alongside leisure activities