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Aime is not just a home automation solution, but can help you book a cab, track fitness and save energy too

Aime is a fully automated ecosystem designed to enable organic interactions with your home, one-touch connection to your world, and efficient energy usage 

There are a lot of benefits from knowing startup stories, plus other insights on finding inspiration close to home

Let’s talk about learning from successful entrepreneurs at QBO Innovation Hub’s talk series. 

Women, your gender is a strength, not a handicap

Ladies, stop using your gender as a crutch. Being a woman greatly empowers, not handicaps you 

Curating 150 plus startup and investor matches at Echelon Thailand, helps improve fundraising success and impact

e27 and engage the local and regional startup scene through activities like mentorship talks and speed dating 

From idea, to technology, to product, here are the three pillars of an early-stage startup

Whether you are a hustle-driven, tech-driven, or people-driven business, you need to understand the dynamics of early-stage startup 

How to increase traffic and gain trust with expert roundups

Build your brand by compiling expert roundup posts that provide as much value as possible to your target audience 

In Tweets, Singapore makes cybersecurity push

Whether it is a call for 2,6000 professionals in next decade, or an MOU with Australia, Singapore is making a strong push in cybersecurity 

Tim Draper took his first Go-Jek ride as Indonesia leapfrogs into innovation

Everybody seems to be taking a keen interest at the Indonesian market, and Tim Draper sees the reasons why 

How does startup dilution for founders work with ESOPs and investment?

Dilution happens like shit happens. If you raise money, hire staff, engage in M&A, give shares to lawyers when you were broke, you are going to get diluted 

Working together, corporations and startups have an edge in agility, resources, and building out-of-the-box solutions for each other

The lean and fast approach of solution- and decision-making could provide a jolt of fresh ideas to a large enterprise