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Founder's journey: TheLorry Co-founder reveals the one thing he would have done differently

By Justin Wong | Dec 21, 2016

While growth and sales are important to a startup's success, don't lose sight of the basics, like accounting, cash flow and budgeting Read More

Want to leverage social media for your marketplace platform? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind

By | Dec 21, 2016

Supercharge your marketplace outreach, and build strong relationships with the right users Read More

10 Christmas gifts under US$100 that will delight any tech geek

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 20, 2016

'Tis the season to be jolly -- and to lavish upon each other with exciting gifts! Read More

Does PayTM's logo look similar to PayPal? PayPal thinks YES!

By Rahul Dev | Dec 20, 2016

Is this a strategy by PayPal to hamper PayTM's efforts to cash in on demonetisation in India? Read More

How effective is the ‘why’ of your business?

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 20, 2016

A business without a clear “why” makes goals seem aimless — even if they’re being achieved Read More

Automation and machine learning: How robo-advisors are taking the lead as Singapore's new wealth managers

By | Dec 20, 2016

A growing number of fintech startups can make these investing more accessible, allowing Singaporeans to choose services that best meets their individual needs more easily Read More

Procrastinated on holiday gifts? Singapore Startup Gifts has you covered

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 20, 2016

Singapore Startup Gifts wants to unify the startup community, and hopefully help companies branch into the general public Read More

In Pics: Venture Factory aims to be India's entrepreneurship gateway for startups

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 19, 2016

Its efforts are focused on aligning startup functionality in a structured manner in regards to production line – predictability, quality, and speeding up the process of building the company Read More

Here's how these Malaysian twins aim to conquer Asia's gift and printing industry

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 19, 2016

With four companies under their belt, they have reaped in over US$6.35 million in revenue over three years Read More

Starting new, starting fresh: Prison entrepreneurship as an option for better re-integration

By | Dec 19, 2016

Societal re-integration is not a lost cause. Hope can be found through entrepreneurship Read More

WeChat is maturing: how to drive conversions from other social networks

By TechNode | Dec 19, 2016

For foreign companies, they need specific help of how to use Chinese social media to convert users. Here is a guide Read More

Roadmap to success: The importance of well-defined internal policies and processes from day zero

By Vikram Upadhyaya | Dec 19, 2016

Trying to charter the rough waters of the startup world without a to-do manual is asking for trouble Read More

Reports of their death premature, BlackBerry is an example of how to revive a dying brand

By geektime | Dec 19, 2016

People need to stop talking about Blackberry’s phone franchise like it’s a eulogy, since the company has recovered in a massive way Read More

Startup funding in 2017: A different game?

By | Dec 16, 2016

The investments that will happen in 2017 will help launch companies that have long lasting impact Read More

4 tips for planning ahead as you scale up your business

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 16, 2016

A lack of planning can stunt the growth of your business, so use these tips to get ahead sooner rather than later Read More

Young but not n00bs: The 8 startups putting Asia on the online gaming map

By Lyra Reyes | Dec 15, 2016

They're ready to battle it out with the dominant forces of gaming Read More

There's a huge problem with how property portals function, and here's how to fix it

By Rekha Cheah Shankar | Dec 15, 2016

With property portals, gaining traction can be a double-edged sword; We need to break the cycle of over-crowding Read More

Crowdfunding corner: 9 steps to a successful fundraiser

By Manikanth Devarakonda | Dec 15, 2016

Here are some tips to help you maximise the potential of your crowdfunding campaign Read More

When does your startup need a legal department?

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 15, 2016

These are the indicators that outsourcing your legal matters isn’t cutting it anymore Read More

What did Singaporeans Google in 2016?

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 14, 2016

Because these lists are always fun, we included all of the categories that Google released. Have a browse! Read More

Branding basics: 6 steps to an effective e-commerce branding strategy

By | Dec 14, 2016

Branding is complex. People understand some of the various elements that make a brand, but they don’t necessarily get how it all comes together Read More

Do Indonesian customers still need HARBOLNAS?

By DailySocial | Dec 14, 2016

As "fictional discount" cases increased during Indonesia's biggest retail holiday, it is time to reconsider HARBOLNAS' position in the country's e-commerce map Read More

A smart ID to share your prized pet with the world: How this social network aims to connect all pet owners

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 14, 2016

The Singaporean founder has also developed an intelligent pet ID tag that can be used with Pet Widget Read More

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