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The digital health market is currently valued at US$140 billion and presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs 

4 network security tips progressive small businesses are implementing

Network security isn’t a topic reserved for massive enterprises with a huge digital footprint. Even smaller businesses have to think about how they’re going to establish and monitor a network so they can be successful both now and in the future. 

How cognitive search eliminates common struggles website users face

It takes thoughtful engineering to make your data accessible to users, and no matter how well organized it is, there will always be room for improvement 

New improvements finally make telemedicine practical

These five developments are making telemedicine more accessible 

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Hint: It takes a little more than knowing ‘Gangnam Style’ 

Better engagement starts with your employees: 6 tips to get them more involved

About 88 percent of employees report they aren’t passionate about their jobs. Here’s how to change some of that 

How to maintain a strong reputation and protect trade secrets

One of the biggest threats your business may face is trade secrets infringement 

10 security tips to protect your Wordpress website from hackers

Do you want a site that is easily manageable, easy to use, SEO friendly and secure? WordPress is probably the best bet for you, but you still need to know how to secure it properly 

What global smart cities and vision zero initiatives are getting wrong

To be truly impactful, they need to recognize one big thing