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Thoughts on passion and apprehensions leading to launch from the founders of OTalent

We had a chat with Victor Pribadi and Cobysot Avego of OTalent to talk about what goes on in a founder's mind as they count down to launch. 

Influx of tourist capital accelerated the pace of ups & downs of Indian startups: Utsav Somani of AngelList

AngelList India Advisor Utsav Somani talks about the online fundraising platform's India business, his personal investments, and more 

The Jay Kim Show, how the dot-com crash led Kent Wu to become a successful business owner

For his second startup, Wu is tackling an industry with a high barrier to entry: food delivery 

Intuit founder Scott Cook built a US$35B company. This is what he knows about when to listen to criticism

With more than US$2 billion in assets and an investment portfolio that includes eBay, Amazon, and Snapchat, Scott Cook – Intuit’s founder and mentor to entrepreneurs like Larry Page – explains in an exclusive Geektime interview what their secret is and when to listen to criticism 

Deemly founder Sara Green Brodersen says flexibility key to legislating sharing economy

Brodersen also breaks down the best ways to build trust amongst a sharing consumer-base 

Indian startups should build ubiquitous solutions for India-specific problems, says Jaya Kumar K, ex-MD of Walmart Labs

We try to understand what would work in a Indian context for startups and what would probably work there to attain sustainable success 

Choose the right images; A strong visual is the cornerstone of a good brand, says Raydar CEO Keith Teo

In marketing, you should react short term, think long term, and marry them together in an aligned execution 

Meet the VC: Rahul Khanna of Trifecta Capital says India still suffers from a trust deficit

Due to this trust deficit, foreign companies like Airbnb will take a lot longer to scale in India than in the US, believes Khanna