How Nurul Hussain's Codette Project helps Muslim women get into tech and be successful

The project aims to create a sustainable economic impact by providing minority women with awareness and access to the tech industry 

In fintech, Asia is giving the West a run for its money: Alex Manson of Standard Chartered’s investment arm

The urgency of needs in some of the Asian markets drives an effervescence of innovation, which has been slower in the West where incentives to change were initially less acute 

Zilingo CEO Ankiti Bose on failures, challenges, handling depression and more

Ankiti is speaking at Echelon 2019, to be held on May 23-24 at Singapore Expo 

Having the right team is the single biggest determinant of your success: 123RF Co-founder Stephanie Sitt

She strongly encourages young entrepreneurs to be opportunists and approach as many investors as possible 

We want to blur the lines between offline and online worlds: Zilingo CEO Ankiti Bose

She says commerce in general is moving away from traditional browse, click, shop experiences to more entertaining for the consumer 

"General awareness about entrepreneurship in Malaysia needs to go beyond selling food at stalls"

In this Q&A, Ashran Ghazi talks about his journey as the former CEO of MaGIC, the confusion over the agency’s disbanding, and the entrepreneurship scene in Malaysia 

The Jay Kim Show: Oddup CEO James Giancotti breaks down why they are pursuing blockchain

Called Alluva, it is both a digital asset and an ICO-rating platform where users can make predictions, acquire followers, and be compensated for their contributions and expertise 

Indonesia's startup ecosystem will be richer if unicorns begin to go public, says Takahiro Suzuki of Genesia Ventures

Suzuki, who is an early investor in Tokopedia, says he didn't expect the Indonesia e-commerce company to grow rapidly to become a unicorn so soon 

Malaysia has all ingredients to be a startup hub, but lacks ‘Michelin Star Chefs’ to mix them well: Ashran Ghazi

Ghazi also admitted there was some intention at the government level to shut down MaGIC, in order to avoid overlapping, as well as to streamline things