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Sony, LINE are in talks to join forces to develop AI devices

It falls in line with Sony's voice-and-gesture-based virtual butler service Sony Agent and its accompanying hardware Xperia Ear 

Japan's Liquid launches fingerprint payment service in cash-intensive Indonesia

Through a joint venture with Salim Group, Liquid expects to secure up to 500,000 users 

Rakuten digs deeper into drone industry by taking part in AirMap's US$26M Series B round

The Japanese e-commerce company has been launching several projects related to drones, such as its the Sora Raku Rakuten Drone service 

Rakuten, JAFCO co-invest in Japanese fintech startup FOLIO's US$16M Series A

FOLIO is an online security brokerage service aimed at those interested in investing but have never tried, have been put off by the complexities of financial products, or are afraid of the risks involved 

5 of the best apps to help English speakers translate and learn Japanese on Android

If you are studying in Japan this semester and want a little bit of help, these are some of the best options for when you’re stuck in traffic on a Tokyo tram 

Time travel: Looking back at 10 'stuff of science fiction' stories in 2016

Clarke's third law: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' 

Softbank's 'Trump talk' fund makes first investment, expected to generate 3,000 jobs

The US$1 billion investment will go to OneWeb, a company using satellites to bring internet to the world's poor communities 

Rakuten co-leads US$350M funding round in MENA-based ride-sharing startup

A major Middle Eastern telecom operator, Saudi Telecom Company, was the other co-lead investment partner 

Rewardz gets US$2M from Japan's Benefit One to fuel profitability, expansion plan

The Singapore-based startup also speaks up about the possibility to enter the Japanese market in the future