[e27 Tea Talk]: Things I learnt from the startup ecosystem

Welcome to the e27 Tea Talk, where we talk about everything in the startup ecosystem 

3 ways startups should assess different financing options

Raising funds is just one step. Startups need to think about it affects cashflow and what is the end they are trying to achieve 

Dear Singapore govt, please remember the stragglers in the tech revolution

The march of technological advancements moves ever quicker, how do we ensure no one gets left behind? 

In Photos: Grab gets into the jolly spirit with its GrabRewards pop-up store

It features an eclectic range of items, all of which can only be purchased using GrabReward points 

5 successful Singapore Kickstarter products you should buy in 2017

Shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts? Check out these amazing Singaporean creations 

WeWork Singapore's first branch has a 'shophouse' theme, and it's frigging awesome

WeWork has a team of in-house designers who ensure all their  co-working spaces are both aesthetically pleasing as well as user-friendly 

Singapore's new virtual telco Zero Mobile offers subscribers chance to use service for free

It allows subscribers to refer people to use the service in order to offset their monthly bills 

e27 curates 10 terrific techie items you should check out on the Prime international store

The new international store opens up a whole range of cool and zany products for Singapore's Prime customers