The Jay Kim Show: How Nextshark Media's Benny Lou grew from online poker to media CEO

By Kevin McSpadden | 3 hours ago

Benny Lou explains how online poker gave him a peak into the high-life, and taught him some important life lessons Read More

Grab speaks up to clarify Badrodin Haiti's role in the company

By Anisa Menur | 5 hours ago

Last week, Haiti indicated that when his appointment as President Commissioner at Grab Indonesia was announced, no formal agreement had been reached between the parties Read More

Success is a moving target: CleverTap Co-founder Anand Jain

By Sainul Abudheen | Feb 15, 2017

"Ideas are cheap, execution is hard. So spend some time gathering experience, identify problems and then venture out" Read More

Our true competitor is ignorance: Honestbee ID Country Director talks strategies and key learnings

By Anisa Menur | Feb 10, 2017

Chris Antonius says Honestbee does not wish to limit itself by setting targets. Read on to learn why Read More

Meet the VC: Investors are more biased towards younger entrepreneurs, says Kunal Khattar of advantEdge

By Sainul Abudheen | Feb 09, 2017

"We follow a very simple philosophy that the best time for a startup to raise money is when they don't need it" Read More

From Cantopop to commissions: Ohmyhome wants to change Singapore's public housing game

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 09, 2017

Race Wong was once a Hong Kong celebrity. Now, she has teamed with her sister Rhonda, hoping Ohmyhome becomes the go-to platform to buy and sell HDBs in Singapore Read More

The Jay Kim Show: Lewis Howes on how necessity led to entrepreneurship

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 09, 2017

After his first dream-job fell through, Howes found himself broke and without a college degree. Now he is a successful entrepreneur. So how did he do it? Read More

5 challenges to overcome in developing a B2B marketplace

By | Feb 07, 2017

There are stark differences between B2B and customer-oriented marketplaces. In this interview, we shed some light on the challenges and opportunities Read More

Most Indians still see young women as unfit for leadership positions - BigStylist CEO Richa Singh

By Sainul Abudheen | Feb 06, 2017

"It becomes challenging at times to make people — vendors, prospective employees, ex-employees — believe that yes, the decision I take is in fact the final decision" Read More

How Kumparan plans to take Indonesian media landscape to the future

By Anisa Menur | Feb 06, 2017

Armed with a team of 130 employees, Kumparan believes that the future of journalism lies in the hand of user-generated contents Read More

The Jay Kim Show: Ryan Holiday and ego as the enemy

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 03, 2017

Is college the best path for everyone? The answer might very well be no Read More

Hermosa Muer -- a women-only luxury co-living space in Bangalore (In pics)

By Sainul Abudheen | Jan 31, 2017

Apart from gymnasium and swimming pool, the facility also offers a string of features, including Zumba dance classes, self-defense and safety training, an exclusive female fitness trainer, cooking & baking classes Read More

The Jay Kim Show: Pat Flynn on niching down to build authority

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 31, 2017

And how owning that niche can help an entrepreneur build a larger empire Read More

The Jay Kim Show: James Altucher on why authenticity is your best asset

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 26, 2017

Altucher explains that he was always trying to get permission from people to find his way, and things changed when he started taking control of his vision Read More

The Jay Kim Show: NYT-bestselling author Ramit Sethi on how to build real wealth

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 24, 2017

The bestsellng author of 'I Will Teach You To Be Rich' explains the big world outside of VC-funding and when it's OK to rebel Read More

Introducing The Jay Kim Show, Asia's brand new entrepreneurship podcast

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 17, 2017

In the first episode syndicated on e27, the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk breaks down the state of entrepreneurship Read More

Lessons to learn from Agate Jogja's recent operational shutdown

By DailySocial | Jan 16, 2017

Agate Jogja Co-Founder Frida Dwi tells us a few things --including what he has in mind for the future Read More

Mountain Partners appoints Managing Partner for its debut in the Philippines

By Anisa Menur | Jan 15, 2017

The Philippines will be the fourth Asian countries with Mountain Partners' presence after Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia Read More

How AeroTerrascan plans to skyrocket Indonesia’s aviation and aerospace dream

By Anisa Menur | Jan 12, 2017

With the ambition to make building communications satellites more affordable, the Bandung-based company takes part in the record-breaking Menembus Langit project Read More

Jason Kothari, who scripted Housing’s turnaround as CEO, joins Snapdeal as Chief Strategy and Investment Officer

By Sainul Abudheen | Jan 11, 2017

On Monday, Snapdeal's rival Flipkart appointed Tiger Global MD Kalyan Krishnamurthy as its new CEO to save the company from sinking Read More

Tokopedia to explore more fintech services this year

By DailySocial | Jan 10, 2017

Starting with ease of credit card application, Tokopedia will soon launch other fintech services throughout the year Read More

Artificial Intelligence can democratise healthcare access in India, says Manish Singhal of Pi Ventures

By Sainul Abudheen | Jan 09, 2017

Apart from healthcare, AI and Machine Learning can drastically change the way logistics and fintech services are consumed in India, he says Read More

Inside Anacle Systems' international expansion plan post-IPO in HKSE's GEM

By Anisa Menur | Jan 04, 2017

Anacle Systems Founder and CEO Alex Lau reveals why Hong Kong is the perfect choice to support the company's plans Read More

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