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The Jay Kim Show: Chris Brogan on how to avoid entrepreneurship fatigue

A lot of e27 readers have read the book The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. Author Chris Brogan sits down to offer his take on entrepreneurship 

Meet Shopmatic, a B2B startup that enables 50K clients to build their own webstores

There are quite a few firms, including Bertelsmann-backed KartRocket that provide customised webstores to SMBs. What is the relevance of Shopmatic then? 

Snaptrude can convert a hand-drawn sketch to a 3D model in a few seconds

Scribble your floor plan, take a photo, and upload into Snaptrude. It will throw up a 3D model with info on area, materials, and bill of materials and quantities 

iflix appoints ex-iProperty CEO Georg Chmiel as CFO and Director of iflix International

Chmiel was recipient of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award in 2016 and the Top Outstanding Leaders Asia Award in 2015 

Pro bono: Legal considerations for online marketplaces - an interview with tech lawyer Chia Ling Koh

When user exchanges are involved, there will always be concerns about data privacy, intellectual property, and security 

The Jay Kim Show: How Nextshark Media's Benny Luo grew from online poker to media CEO

Benny Luo explains how online poker gave him a peak into the high-life, and taught him some important life lessons 

Grab speaks up to clarify Badrodin Haiti's role in the company

Last week, Haiti indicated that when his appointment as President Commissioner at Grab Indonesia was announced, no formal agreement had been reached between the parties 

Success is a moving target: CleverTap Co-founder Anand Jain

"Ideas are cheap, execution is hard. So spend some time gathering experience, identify problems and then venture out" 

Our true competitor is ignorance: Honestbee ID Country Director talks strategies and key learnings

Chris Antonius says Honestbee does not wish to limit itself by setting targets. Read on to learn why