This startup lets you sponsor and bet on your friends

By TechNode | Jul 28, 2016

“Life is already a challenge, why not make the best out of it?” Read More

Saving Richard Min: A very ill South Korean ecosystem major player needs YOUR support

By Yon Heong Tung | Jul 26, 2016

The Korean serial entrepreneur has suffered a devastating stroke and needs your help to foot his medical bills Read More

Welcoming the future of work: Indonesia's XWORK rides on the wave of mobile working trend

By Anisa Menur | Jul 25, 2016

The Uber-for-meeting-room startup is currently participating in GnB Accelerator programme Read More

Bukalapak CEO receives prestigious award from Indonesian President Joko Widodo

By Anisa Menur | Jul 22, 2016

Satyalencana Wira Karya is the highest civilian award constituted to recognise the outstanding contributions of business people in the country Read More

Ruangguru welcomes new school year with new appointments, features

By Anisa Menur | Jul 22, 2016

Iman Usman is now in charge as Chief Product Officer, while Adamas Belva Syah Devara is now CEO Read More

I’m proud to have chosen to live my life purposefully: Highspark's Koh Kai Xin

By | Jul 20, 2016

The Highspark Co-founder reveals the sacrifices to pursue entrepreneurship, and why the bad experiences may have been the most important Read More

The long, winding road for bot and Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia

By DailySocial | Jul 19, 2016

Sufficient data and open technological development are required to grow Artificial Intelligence and its branches in Indonesia Read More

Strides Interactive: A good game should be "easy to learn, but difficult to master"

By Anisa Menur | Jul 14, 2016

The Singaporean game developer company shares their take on what makes a good game, and dispels myths around the profession Read More

[Updated] Born into poverty in rural China, this guy made an app that gives free WiFi, got 900M users and raised US$52M

By Yon Heong Tung | Jul 14, 2016

Chen Danian was driven by the desire to help everyone -- and anyone -- to achieve self-actualisation by granting them access to free Internet Read More

This Indonesian logistics startup has a strategy to stand out among the rest - find out how

By Anisa Menur | Jul 13, 2016

Jakarta-based Anterin wants to give their partners more freedom in determining tariff for every service Read More

I try to evangelise the opportunities in the Philippines: Xurpas CEO Nix Nolledo

By Kevin McSpadden | Jul 08, 2016

Not every successful Founder is a once-in-a-generation genius, and Xurpas CEO Nix Nolledo proves a winding road can lead to billions Read More

iflix aims for international expansion with 3 senior appointments

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 07, 2016

The Malaysia-based Internet TV service plans to roll out its service to key additional emerging markets in the coming months Read More

Vietnam's Moonwalkers remind us why we got into startups in the first place

By Iris Leung | Jul 05, 2016

Forget corporate co-working spaces, the Moonwalkers — and their tiny makerspace in residential Hanoi — embrace the experimentation and enthusiasm of tech Read More

Zomato ID Country Manager: "We have already reached break-even in 6 countries"

By Anisa Menur | Jun 29, 2016

Karthik Shetty also reveals the company's grand plan for Indonesia — and what Indonesians like to eat most in 2015 Read More

This startup aims to save the environment ... one stray cat at a time

By Anisa Menur | Jun 27, 2016

BotCats is a project run by a group of students at Bogor Agricultural Institute to help tackle two issues at the same time Read More

Meet the Indonesian startup which aims to give indie musicians a voice

By Anisa Menur | Jun 23, 2016

SkyArk Music is an online marketplace that connects live-musicians with clients looking for performers for their events Read More

Lifesaving lessons from Reblood CEO: How social businesses balance between impact and sustainability

By Anisa Menur | Jun 22, 2016

Starting the company when she was still in university, Leonika Sari reveals how she aim to foster change by a seemingly simple solution Read More

He can’t talk or hear and studied only till 7th grade. But he made an aircraft that can fly as high as 13,000 ft

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 22, 2016

Saji Thomas's ultra-light aircraft Saji X-Air can be used for sports aviation, adventurous aviation and recreation flying Read More

Appier aims to widen the scope of marketing through Artificial Intelligence

By Varun Balakrishnan | Jun 21, 2016

Appier CEO Chih-han Yu shares his thoughts on the various applications of artificial intelligence and expands more on his company's technology Read More

Carousell aims to stand out by tackling over-consumerism in the developed world

By Yon Heong Tung | Jun 17, 2016

The VP of Carousell's international operations Jia Jih Chai explains why the marketplace will stand out from other e-commerce players Read More

The new future of telcos and startups in Southeast Asia

By Kevin McSpadden | Jun 15, 2016

Telcos are on the verge for major changes. How is the future going to look like? Experts discuss at Echelon Asia 2016 Read More

Optimize your career prospects by working abroad

By | Jun 15, 2016

Companies may not just be looking for a specific skillset, but also an ability to tap into a cultural knowledge and network Read More

How can technology take autonomous vehicles beyond personal cars?

By Kevin McSpadden | Jun 15, 2016

Hiroshi 'Hiro' Saijou, The CEO and Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory, talks about the future of transportation Read More

Using tech to unlock mental health in China: KaJin Health

By TechNode | Jun 14, 2016

A staggering 91.8 per cent of Chinese people with a mental health diagnosis never seek help Read More

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