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What global smart cities and vision zero initiatives are getting wrong

To be truly impactful, they need to recognize one big thing 

SGX-IMDA tie-up is important first step, but will not fix tech-IPO drought

The SGX desperately needs a 'first' startup-IPO listing, so what is preventing it and how can the problem be solved? 

Hatemongers target MakeMyTrip after co-founder flayed beef ban in India; What message does this send to the world?

After Snapdeal and Snapchat, leading Indian OTA MakeMyTrip was subjected to a hate campaign by right-wing social media brigade 

No mess up, no startup, the hilariously honest tale from Malaysia venture builder Launchpad

Multiple lawsuits, crazy coders and a few failures. If this story doesn't make every entrepreneur smile, then they may not be entrepreneurs 

Opinion: No one owns public space, and no one should own how to navigate it

What The West Wing can teach us about data privacy, among other things 

Future of India healthcare tech startups depends on infrastructure and cooperation

If we really think of the true potential that the healthcare tech sector has in developing the Indian healthcare system, we would find that the current crop of startups has barely scratched the surface 

10 of the biggest reasons why startups fail, and how to fix things while you still have time

Have a solid plan that involves and prioritises customers’ opinions; You also need to have perseverance, flexibility, and a solid team that can brave the challenges of running a business 

Why family offices can be another facet of venture capital, and how they can impact startup investments in Asia

Family offices can be a great source of direct private capital, but what does it mean for entrepreneurs to raise money from an individual or family investor instead of going the traditional VC route? 

Remarkable Amazon homeless shelter should be copied in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia tech scene will inevitably conflict with local neighbourhoods, and it is best to learn from mistakes made out West 

Are gamification tactics used by Uber really unethical or beneficial for driver, rider, and company alike?

Uber has been testing various gamification techniques that subconsciously influence driver decisions. Should we expect all companies in the future to manipulate and coerce employees psychologically into working harder and longer?