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Your startup may already need a dedicated HR team, plus insights on recruitment and culture from HorsepowerPH co-founder

We're putting the spotlight on Jorge Azurin, co-founder of Philippine-based startup HorsepowerPH. 

Not a buyer or seller market, M&A in Southeast Asia is still at the investor stage

M&As happen on a seven-year timeline, so Southeast Asia should see more deals in the coming years 

GetLaundry launches laundry business management solution to ease work for shop owners

The new business management platform from GetLaundry is completed with POS system and CRM functionality 

Tinder rules in Asia, but data shows it is fuelling competition

The fact that the most popular dating apps are largely variation on Tinder's swiping features demonstrates that easily finding dates with a few finger swipes has an universal appeal among young generations 

From real estate tours to wedding organisation, this entrepreneur leverages 360-degree tech to showcase locations and venues

Milo Timbol has used 360-degree visual tours in different applications like real estate, travel and tourism, and now weddings 

Remote work leads to better productivity and lower costs; Here are 10 reasons why remote work rocks

For employers, it's in our hands to make our people's work flexible, engaging, exciting, creative and fulfilling 

Begin the month on the right track; here are 5 tech and startup events coming up next week

Take your pick from these tech and startup events posted at the e27 events channel 

Lazada's payment platform helloPay merges with Alibaba's Ant Financial, rebranded as Alipay

The rebranded entity will continue to provide payment services on the Lazada platform across Southeast Asia 

Southeast Asia is going through an accelerated pace of disruption, leading to the third wave innovations in real world sectors

With the internet-of-everything, entrepreneurs start to transform “real world” sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, finance and many others, and Southeast Asia is experiencing this at an accelerated pace