Snaptrude can convert a hand-drawn sketch to a 3D model in a few seconds

By Sainul Abudheen | 16 hours ago

Scribble your floor plan, take a photo, and upload into Snaptrude. It will throw up a 3D model with info on area, materials, and bill of materials and quantities Read More

From Cantopop to commissions: Ohmyhome wants to change Singapore's public housing game

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 09, 2017

Race Wong was once a Hong Kong celebrity. Now, she has teamed with her sister Rhonda, hoping Ohmyhome becomes the go-to platform to buy and sell HDBs in Singapore Read More

How Kumparan plans to take Indonesian media landscape to the future

By Anisa Menur | Feb 06, 2017

Armed with a team of 130 employees, Kumparan believes that the future of journalism lies in the hand of user-generated contents Read More

Hermosa Muer -- a women-only luxury co-living space in Bangalore (In pics)

By Sainul Abudheen | Jan 31, 2017

Apart from gymnasium and swimming pool, the facility also offers a string of features, including Zumba dance classes, self-defense and safety training, an exclusive female fitness trainer, cooking & baking classes Read More

Lessons to learn from Agate Jogja's recent operational shutdown

By DailySocial | Jan 16, 2017

Agate Jogja Co-Founder Frida Dwi tells us a few things --including what he has in mind for the future Read More

How AeroTerrascan plans to skyrocket Indonesia’s aviation and aerospace dream

By Anisa Menur | Jan 12, 2017

With the ambition to make building communications satellites more affordable, the Bandung-based company takes part in the record-breaking Menembus Langit project Read More

This F&B incubator wants to find China’s next Starbucks

By TechNode | Dec 29, 2016

The Chinese incubator wants to bring interesting food concepts to Beijing Read More

This Singaporean startup aims to be the one-stop portal for homeseekers

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 28, 2016

POPETY is using blockchain tech and data to put together the most comprehensive – and verified – real estate listings Read More

He ran a makeshift grocery store from his bedroom at the age of 6 before building Thailand’s first cashback site

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 06, 2016

British citizen Anthony Quinn launched cashback site DeeDee in 2015 and has seen quite a decent growth, thanks to the shopping habits of Thai users Read More

Designer bags, a Ferrari and a submarine — just some of the luxury goods you can get on this online marketplace

By Anisa Menur | Nov 25, 2016

Maxuri aims to dispel the myth that one can never sell luxury goods online Read More

How these 4 entrepreneurs are upgrading the Philippine HR practice

By Lyra Reyes | Nov 23, 2016

For decades, how the Philippines does human resources management mostly remain unchanged. They’re due an update. Read More

This bot will write you an Indonesian poem if you mention it on Twitter

By Anisa Menur | Nov 21, 2016

Called RobotPuisi, the project aims to entertain -- and encourage readers to think about the future of computing Read More

7 Filipino entrepreneurs making a difference to the community

By Lyra Reyes | Nov 16, 2016

Saving the world is not easy, but someone has to do it Read More

Out of square one: How Cubeacon plans to win over the Indonesian IoT scene

By Anisa Menur | Nov 08, 2016

CEO Avianto Tiyo speaks about the challenges of running a hardware startup in Indonesia and what the company plans to do to secure the market Read More

The story of Natasia Malaihollo: From Ambon to Wyzerr's success in the United States

By DailySocial | Nov 03, 2016

Wyzerr provides a gamification and artificial intelligence-based survey service Read More

Bill Aulet of MIT says Mark Zuckerberg not a good example for startups

By geektime | Oct 31, 2016

Bill Aulet, the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at MIT, recently visited Vietnam to share important lessons and advice for budding startup innovators Read More

He quit Rocket Internet to solve a pressing problem startups face these days

By Sainul Abudheen | Oct 27, 2016

Feelance Co is an online platform where clients can discover and engage with verified and vetted senior independent consultants/consulting firms for short-term projects and interim roles Read More

The mentality of 'sink or swim' was ingrained in me at an early age: Orami's Shannon Kalayanamitr

By Yon Heong Tung | Oct 13, 2016

The co-founder of Southeast Asia's leading women's lifestyle e-commerce platform speaks candidly about her journey as a businesswoman and dishes out entrepreneurial tips Read More

Ruangguru alumni start new curated online marketplace for batik products

By Anisa Menur | Oct 10, 2016

Kravasia is currently focusing on the local market, although it plans to eventually widen its reach across Asia Read More

Milestones and achievements: Indonesia's crowdfunding platform KitaBisa shares its story

By Anisa Menur | Oct 07, 2016

KitaBisa CEO Alfatih Timur talks about the company's milestones, and how it managed to balance business and social impact Read More

This company makes US$299 PC-based VR headset, yet it’s 4K

By TechNode | Oct 04, 2016

In the VR space, the selection pool for VR headset is still limited to big three companies: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR Read More

This Indonesian startup wants to help women drive more safely

By Anisa Menur | Sep 30, 2016

With a mission to empower women to ride cars and motorbikes safely, Queenrides claimed that it is on the way to reach break-even point soon Read More

Israeli ScanTask’s technology can improve crops and reduce costs

By geektime | Sep 23, 2016

AgriTask analyses multiple parameters and offers statistics that enable farmers to maximise the number of crops they produce, ensuring the highest quality possible Read More

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