Veiris uses blockchain to ease know-your-customer process --and is determined to win the Indonesian market

Having been run through bootstrapping, Singapore-based Veiris is planning a token sale in Q2 2018 

China's top 6 angel investors

For early stage startups, angel investors are a better choice for long-term development with their understanding of the industry and sense of entrepreneurship 

[Updated] Built by 3 high school students, Hequals is a platform that aims to tackle gender bias in tech industry

In building the Hequals platform, the team was inspired by the co-founder's sister's experience in working in a male-dominated industry 

Exclusive: Yinglan Tan's Insignia Ventures Partners invests US$600K into Vietnamese startup LOGIVAN

There are a lot of costly inefficiencies in Vietnam's fragmented logistics industry, and LOGIVAN aims to tackle that pain point 

Lemonilo wants to promote healthy lifestyle in Indonesia --by selling instant noodles

Formerly known as Konsula, Lemonilo offers a curated marketplace for SMEs to sell their healthy products in. It also produces its own line of healthy food products 

Meet the VC: Discussing sea turtles and OMO with Intudo Ventures

Intudo Ventures has recently closed a US$20 million fund. Here is what they plan to do with it 

Meet ADSvokat, the Indonesian startup that will help you make money from the sticker on your laptop

ADSvokat helps brands reach out to customers by turning students into brand ambassadors. All they need is a laptop, a smartphone, or a helmet 

Crowdvilla enables you to collectively own and use a holiday home – using Ethereum

As a hospitality business model, time-sharing has a negative reputation. See how Crowdvilla is trying to change that 

(In Photos) Tribe Theory's venture hostel for entrepreneurs and startups in Singapore

A community of startups and entrepreneurs, Tribe Theory aims to provide startups and entrepreneurs travelling to Singapore an affordable place to stay 

ALAMI is on a journey to popularise sharia-based finance in Indonesia. Here's how they do it

The ALAMI platform connect sharia-based financial institutions to SMEs looking for funding