On Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics: How Group-IB is Reshaping What We Know

Group-IB talks about cybersecurity trends, launching a new HQ in Singapore, and why preemption is a key element in protecting institutions 

Today's top tech news, Nov 12: Masayoshi Son seeks to raise US$21.1B through telco company's IPO

Starting the week with updates from Indian healthtech scene, a Bangladeshi fintech startup, and a Russian cybersecurity firm 

Today's top tech news, September 12: Alibaba takes business to Russia, OKCoin's founder allegedly involved in Shanghai fraud case

Also, Go-Viet is officially operating in Vietnam, Singapore-based Seed Myanmar closes six-digit investment into Myanmar delivery company 

European tokens platform Waves enters Southeast Asia through Tokenomy partnership

According to Tokenomy CEO Oscar Darmawan, there will be "considerable overlap" between the platforms' exchange and token-launching businesses 

Russia lifts ban on WeChat mere days after it blocked the app

WeChat's ban was lifted after it complied with Russia's regulations 

How an out-of-the-box media initiative can get you attention and engagement - a case study involving risks and unconventional content

Companies that are looking to create ‘out of the box’ content must first ask themselves how this can help achieve their internal goals and communicate their desired message to a wide range of audiences 

The second batch of MOX, run by a successful Chinese accelerator

From 'truth or dare' to data analytics, MOX is an accelerator for mobile-only companies -- and one well-known publicly-listed participant