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Inside Anacle Systems' international expansion plan post-IPO in HKSE's GEM

Anacle Systems Founder and CEO Alex Lau reveals why Hong Kong is the perfect choice to support the company's plans 

Out of the lab to the world: AeroLion goes from researching drones to solving real-world problems

This Singapore-based startup spent years in the lab to develop a drone that can go underground. Now, they’re ready to take their tech out to the world. 

Travel agency goes the extra mile to protect personal data

For Chan Brothers Travel, ensuring correct use of customers’ personal data extends beyond the management of its 120,000 strong customer database 

This Singaporean startup aims to be the one-stop portal for homeseekers

POPETY is using blockchain tech and data to put together the most comprehensive – and verified – real estate listings 

Time travel: Looking back at 10 'stuff of science fiction' stories in 2016

Clarke's third law: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' 

Grain raises funding from NSI, DBS to expand its food delivery business beyond Singapore

DMP, Thai Express Founder Ivan Lee, and Odette Founder Wee Teng Wen have also co-invested in Grain 

Streaming TV: Is Asia ready to pull the plug on cable and satellite?

The reports of cable TV's death may have been greatly exaggerated 

Are you a techie at heart? Here are 10 tech jobs for you

These jobs might make your Christmas wish come true 

Ironclad contracts: Averspace launches blockchain p2p house renting in Singapore

Homeowners and potential tenants can now ink a secure deal through an online platform 

Wonder women: Meet the 8 startup founders battling at Female Foundry's demo day

The Female Foundry programme is also looking forward to expand its footprint to the Latin American and African region 

Automation and machine learning: How robo-advisors are taking the lead as Singapore's new wealth managers

A growing number of fintech startups can make these investing more accessible, allowing Singaporeans to choose services that best meets their individual needs more easily 

Procrastinated on holiday gifts? Singapore Startup Gifts has you covered

Singapore Startup Gifts wants to unify the startup community, and hopefully help companies branch into the general public 

Starting new, starting fresh: Prison entrepreneurship as an option for better re-integration

Societal re-integration is not a lost cause. Hope can be found through entrepreneurship 

The write jobs: Here are 10 openings for content creators

If you believe content is king, check out these jobs 

How to conquer the 8 biggest challenges of running a small business

Here are 8 pain points that SMEs most commonly face and some resources that can help make the entrepreneurial journey easier for you 

Singapore's Anacle System to list in HKSE's Growth Enterprise Market

Trading is expected to begin today, with Anacle System looking to raise between US$9 million and US$11.7 million 

Young but not n00bs: The 8 startups putting Asia on the online gaming map

They're ready to battle it out with the dominant forces of gaming 

Singaporean e-commerce platform builder Shopmatic buys Ruby on Rails evangelist firm

5xRuby was designed to help companies use Ruby on Rails by training developers, while Shopmatic builds e-commerce platforms for traditional businesses 

There's a huge problem with how property portals function, and here's how to fix it

With property portals, gaining traction can be a double-edged sword; We need to break the cycle of over-crowding 

End-to-end e-commerce solutions startup iCommerce Asia grabs US$1.4M pre-Series A

Investors from notable e-commerce startups such as Zalora and Carro took part in the round