How gaming companies are coping with soured Sino-Korean ties

In March 2017, following the installment of a US missile system on South Korean soil, China launched retaliatory moves against the country that affected even the gaming industry 

China to set up national standards for blockchain

In March, China’s national government set up the Blockchain Registry Open Platform (BROP) through the country’s central bank. It aims to develop intellectual property rights on the blockchain 

Venture capital firm GGV raises US$236M (RMB1.5B) in new RMB fund

GGV Capital has invested in over 200 companies in the US and China including Alibaba, Airbnb, Xiaomi, Didi Chuxing, and Square 

Mobike co-founder and CEO Davis Wang resigns, Hu Weiwei takes the handlebars

The move comes about a month after MoBike was sold to Meituan-Dianping for US$2.7 billion 

Opinion: The China-US Thucydides Trap is about data as much as it is about trade

When American companies first entered China, there were concerns over data and national security 

Ctrip is bringing supersonic travel to speed-obsessed China

It's an interesting investment because it's not obviously clear how it fits into Ctrip's core business model 

Y Combinator is officially coming to China

Y Combinator announced the launch of their Startup School on May 19 at Beijing Tsinghua University 

Investigation shows personal data from food delivery platforms in China on sale for as little as US$0.01

Suppliers are using software to scrape data from order systems and that even take-away delivery drivers have been found to be selling the info 

China to start testing 5G in 16 major cities

5G is instrumental to the development of many emerging technologies such as AR/VR, smart IoT, and smart car 

China removes 370 live-streaming apps, cracks down on online games

The ministry also blacklisted 14 companies for operating under fraudulent licenses and ordered the shutdown of 57 live-streaming apps produced by these companies