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An insider's look at how Grab hires engineers in Singapore

Working at Grab will be the “most challenging yet rewarding opportunity” any employee will ever encounter 

Modern mobile app development: Cutting-edge trends you should not miss

Mobile app development will be a US$77 billion opportunity this year 

Russo-American company builds Return of the Jedi-inspired drone bike

There is a race to build a workable speeder. Yes, really 

Check out Echelon Malaysia 2017's amazing speaker lineup

Want to engage with these speakers? Get your pass and engage with them today. 

Building a mobile app? Here's how to address security threats

Before you deploy your mobile app, do take some time to think about the potential security consequences 

Dropping SpaceX, Israel’s SpacePharma launches bio-testing nanosatellite into orbit with help from India’s ISRO

After a year of SpaceX delays, the pioneering cube satellite hitched a ride with India’s ISRO 

Google launches latest RCS messaging service across Asia via Telenor

The RCS system is designed to significantly upgrade the messaging services offered by traditional telcos like Telenor 

Botler is a Singaporean smart autonoumous wheelchair, which just won an MIT hacking competition

Botler's smart two-wheel attachment won the team top prize at the MIT Hacking Medicine Robotics Singapore 2017 

A look back at 2016: The state of Southeast Asia's tech startup ecosystem

A deep dive into the ecosystem for a better understanding, backed by facts and numbers 

Honda and Volvo open smart car accelerator DRIVE in Tel Aviv, showing Israel is battlefield in self-driving race

Smart mobility testing centers are popping up around the world, but DRIVE’s backers will have to be intimately involved to get a leg up on the competition 

Establishing trust: Why there is not that much difference between digital vs. traditional marketplaces

Curious about establishing trust in modern marketplaces? Let's take a few lessons from history 

Can AI, chatbots, and conversations change the web design industry?

Bots are already replacing humans in terms of accomplishing many tech jobs, and web design is one of them 

Grab: How we grew a business from 40 to 630,000 drivers

Grab now has a network of over 630,000 drivers across six countries in Southeast Asia. But our beginnings were decidedly humble 

Singapore research agency A*STAR to undergo restructuring

The restructuring is meant to align A*STAR's capabilities with Singapore's research and economic objectives outlined in the Committee on the Future Economy 

Is the internet-of-things just hype?

It's a 30+ year old concept that may have just reached its "peak of inflated expectations" 

Meet the best of Chinese underwater drones

While some are trying their best to provide a bird’s eye view of our world, there are Chinese companies dedicated to give you a glimpse under the sea 

Facebook Lite launching in four more countries, including South Korea, Israel

Facebook Lite, the social media platform’s barebones version for low speed internet, is one of its fastest growing offerings 

Singapore set to boost self-driving vehicle testing after law amendment

The new amendment will diminish liability for self-driving vehicle operators should there be an accident 

Advertising, content and the future of the internet

From user experience to monetisation methods, publishers and advertisers need to innovate 

Will 'Flappy Bird' creator's new game catch like wildfire?

Replicating the success of the addictive side-scroller may not be likely, but that does not diminish Ninja Spinki's qualities