Top 5 startup niches expected to boom in 2018

AI, crypto, drones, IoT, and security are expected to be at the forefront 

China vs US: Who is winning the big artificial intelligence battle?

The Chinese government’s pivot to become the leader in this technology has created plenty of hype, but how are China’s artificial intelligence aspirations playing out on the ground? 

KT President Hwang Chang-kyu discusses partnership with SpaceX executives

President Hwang showed appreciation to SpaceX for preparing the Mugunghwa 5A satellite to be launched at the end of October 

This is how neural networks are enabling smarter AI products

This decades old technology is finally getting its time in the sun 

Self-driving cars are in our midst, and the key issues are control and security

The industry needs to address these concerns now, in the early stages of driverless car development 

Engineering drives growth, thus we release everyday

Having a daily release served our customer interest and made us responsive, generating word-of-mouth publicity that drives traffic to our website 

My team has 10 employees, 5 of them human and 5 AI

AI will evolve from playing merely a supporting-level role to a collaborating one 

Apple Watch Series 3 rollout hits speed bumps in China as carriers still not ready

A probationary license has meant that carriers are not prepared, and the Apple Watch isn't working as advertised 

In the Android vs. iOS war, the next battleground is augmented reality

The new Apple iPhones are going all-in on augmented reality, and so is the Samsung S8 and Google Pixel