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The Jay Kim Show: Chris Brogan on how to avoid entrepreneurship fatigue

A lot of e27 readers have read the book The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. Author Chris Brogan sits down to offer his take on entrepreneurship 

TotallyAwesome raises US$2M to empower kid-safe advertising in SEA, Australia

Already popular in the UK and US, TotallyAwesome is also set to expand its kid-safe social content app PopJam 

Uber VP Amit Singhal resigns over sexual harassment claims; expect more heads to roll as brand battles to survive

Between sexual harassment accusations, a culture of impunity and claims of industrial espionage, Uber faces an existential crisis 

Modern mobile app development: Cutting-edge trends you should not miss

Mobile app development will be a US$77 billion opportunity this year 

Cross-border VC firm K2 Global has closed a US$183M fund to bridge East and West

The VC seeks 'third wave' startups that actively take-on incumbents in the biggest industries 

The Jay Kim Show: How Nextshark Media's Benny Luo grew from online poker to media CEO

Benny Luo explains how online poker gave him a peak into the high-life, and taught him some important life lessons 

Dropping SpaceX, Israel’s SpacePharma launches bio-testing nanosatellite into orbit with help from India’s ISRO

After a year of SpaceX delays, the pioneering cube satellite hitched a ride with India’s ISRO 

Trump could be the best thing to happen to Indian IT

India's IT will need to transform across all aspects of strategic direction including business models, people, processes, and most importantly, mindsets 

Google launches latest RCS messaging service across Asia via Telenor

The RCS system is designed to significantly upgrade the messaging services offered by traditional telcos like Telenor