Today’s top tech news, February 20: Gobi Partners and Sonae IM invest in AI company ViSenze

Also, Sony welcomes any ideas to finance, and Entrepreneur First closes US$115M for this year's investment plan 

2019: A hell of a year for marketers with chat and voice bots

More bots with the gift of the gab -- and no this isn't Futurama 

2019's top cybersecurity challenges to expect

Cybersecurity is going to be of greater interest in 2019 as private cloud, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) adoptions are becoming mainstream 

Myanmar recycling startup gets US$150,000 and entry into Norwegian accelerator

RecyGlo hopes to help Myanmar companies recycle by making the process for convenient for businesses 

Deciphering Singapore Budget 2019 for founders and business owners

With 2019 marking the 200th anniversary of Singapore’s modern founding, Xero has invited a panel of experts to discuss how the initiatives can help startups and SMEs navigate global economic uncertainties and promote digitalisation 

Today's top tech news, January 31: Spanish LaLiga launches global startup competition looking for sports tech solution

Also, Philippines releases new rules on acquiring cryptocurrency assets; LinkedIn says Sarawak and Kedah in Malaysia are where the tech talents hidden 

Despite crypto winter, number of Swiss, Liechtenstein crypto companies continues to rise

During the crypto winter, the number of blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein grew by 20 per cent 

Closing more sales with SalesCandy

In the competitive world of trade and commerce, how is one company helping businesses actively close sales? 

ClassPass buys top Asia competitor GuavaPass

ClassPass is reportedly on an expansion spree and GuavaPass supports its mission by joining the company 

Today's top tech news, Jan 4: Google Maps blamed for congested alleyways in Jakarta

We also have a funding news for the life sciences unit of Google's Alphabet, Apple's stock price, and a moon landing