Today's top tech news: December 11

Bitcoin hits the futures exchange and a volunteer bike patrol for those bike-sharing disasters 

Singapore's oBike suffered global user data breach that lasted at least two weeks

Taiwanese security experts had flagged the breach as early as June 

Why entrepreneurs shouldn't be afraid to price higher

When entrepreneurs attempt to undercut price and gain market-share might reveal a host of new competitors in a lower quality bracket 

Today's top tech news - December 5th

Amazon officially launches in Australia, Starbucks is integrating AR, and more 

From Korea to Kazakhstan, e27 will search 23 countries to find TOP100 startups

Early stage startups can now apply for TOP100 APAC 2018, organised by e27 and powered by the community. 

Today's top tech news - December 1

Entering the last month of 2017 with top tech news of global tech giants and a government institution 

Today's top tech news - November 28

CEOs make their exits, an update on SoftBank's plans to invest in Uber, and more 

The alarming environmental impact of Bitcoin mining

Mining operations consume more electricity than 159 countries