Institutions need to think deeper about what it means to be sustainable

How should governments and companies enact broad sustainable initiatives that permeate every level of society? 

How AI is saving mobile app technology from counterfeits on a global scale

As automating anti-counterfeit systems are being adapted with AI mobile app technologies, it is becoming possible to overcome fakes on a global scale. 

Today's top tech news, Aug 13: Flat Monthly gets US$320K, Verizon to sell Tumblr to WordPress owner

In addition to Flat Monthly and Tumblr, we also have updates from Zhihu and Faircent 

10 ideas on how to increase interactivity in e-commerce stores

Essential tips for customer relationships for e-commerce stores 

Creativity vs control: how to manage a creative team

Managing a creative team means finding harmony between the irrational creative process and careful planning 

Today's top tech news, Aug 1: Didi Chuxing, BP to build e-vehicle charging infrastructure in China

In addition to Didi Chuxing and BP, we also have updates from Progcap, the Indonesian government's electric car ambition, and ByteDance 

Blockchain have the potential to transform dubious relationships in the music industry

Blockchains can get through traditional revenue models towards a more secure and effective model 

Why working for a startup is great way to kickstart your career

Seven reasons why working for a start-up can be rewarding 

Today’s top tech news, July 24: WeWork targets to go IPO in September

Also, Gojek adds energy tycoon Garibaldi Thohir as commissioner, India-based fintech Zeta raises Series C funding