Headshot of CEO of Amobee, Trevor HealyTrevor Healy of Amobee shared the plans of the company and his thoughts on mobile advertising during a lunch meeting with members of the media.

I had the opportunity to attend a lunch session with Amobee CEO, Trevor Healy, a while back to hear more about the company since their acquisition by SingTel and purchase of AdJitsu. Trevor showed some interesting ad campaigns that the company will be running with the help of AdJitsu’s 3D ad service, before launching into some casual chat on interesting industry trends and changes happening.

Following the AdJitsu demo, Trevor also mentioned that Amobee is also looking at opportunities in the low-tech scene. Although the innovations in the mobile advertising space on feature phones may not be as sexy as that on smartphones and other more advance mobile devices, Trevor was quick to point out that there are big opportunities in the market. According to Trevor, companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry are spending about US$1 on advertising per customer per year, and this is in developing markets such as most Asian countries.

Another interesting point shared by Trevor is that the biggest offence in advertising is retargeting. Trevor calls retargeting “mugging the consumer” and believes that it is something that will not last. He strongly commented that retargeting is definitely not part of Amobee’s plans. He argued that, “Retargeting has to be pre-targeting.” Due to the fact the user fatigue is too high, advertisers should now switch tactics to deductive analysis rather than just sniffing.