RenRen Game announces the release of Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe for both Android and iOS in August. 

Chaos of Three Kingdoms Google Play

Chaos of Three Kingdoms, published by RenRen Game and distributed globally through the Huayu Game platform, will see the deluxe version coming in August. With the English version currently only available for iOS devices, RenRen Game will introduce Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe on both Android and iOS platforms. The move will make Chaos of Three Kingdoms a cross-platform strategy MMO game.

With the huge succes for the web and iOS version, RenRen Game’s decision to release the Android version is a welcome move for gamers worldwide. An inside source at RenRen Game revealed that their  developers have made some special tweaks for the Android version and are confident that the performance of the game on Android will be better than on iOS.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms Android Tablet

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