Japan-based chat app and platform LINE today announced that the company has made a JPY 19.1 billion turnover in the third quarter of 2013 (July to September).


Q3 2013 business report

LINE, which is available to 280 million people around the world, also reported that there has been an increase in new users in Latin America, Turkey and Italy. Within Asia, the chat app company has gathered quite a crowd, namely in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

At the moment, there are 39 game titles under the LINE GAME business. Akira Morikawa, CEO and President, LINE, said that sales have seen solid growth in user-centric billing like stamps and games. Advertising revenue and user charges have been growing steadily as well.

LINE had earlier mentioned that it is aiming to hit 300 million users worldwide and 20 million users in India by the end of the year. It is currently growing at about 20 to 30 million users globally every month; in January, the company announced 100 million users, then quickly grew to 200 million in July, and 230 million in August.

Morikawa added that the company will still continue to chase existing and new users aggressively with marketing activities.

LINE also recently announced that it will be pursuing an IPO in US or Japan worth US$28 billion.

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