The 2nd Cross-border E-Commerce (Import) Conference & Exhibition 2014 will gather more than 500 senior delegates from over 30 countries and regions around the globe, they are from overseas retail e-commerce firms, renowned overseas retail brands and agents, overseas merchants, trading firms, mainstream domestic e-commerce platforms, Chinese cross-border e-commerce import platforms, international express and commercial logistics companies, cross-border payment services, e-commerce IT infrastructure and software solution providers, digital marketing, third party e-commerce operators, e-commerce parks, venture capitals and etc., covering the entire industrial chain.

During this conference, several special seminars (business matchmaking showcases) will be held, it will provide opportunities for leading companies in cross-border ecommerce displaying brands, conducting cooperation and seeking potential clients. The concurrent Exhibition Show-The EChina Expo 2014 will feature 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. The event will create an ideal platform of communication and exchanges for cross-border e-commerce industry, through this event, you can gain insight into the cross-border e-commerce industry of China, acquire relevant policies and market information both at home and abroad, enhance corporate brands, seek business cooperation, last but not least, gain a competitive advantage over others in the competition of cross-border e-commerce.

Event details:

  • Start: Thursday, 27 November, 2014 08:00 a.m.
  • End: Friday, 28 November, 2014 08:00 p.m.
  • Venue : Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing No.35 Zhongjiang Road, Putuo District Changfeng Economic Business Zone 200062
  • Country :China
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  • Organizer : PTP International Co.,LTD


November 27, 2014

08.00 Registration and Morning Coffee
08.50 Opening Remark by Conference Chairman

#Global E-Commerce Market Outlookand China Market Opportunities#
09.00 Fast-evolving Global Cross-Border eCommerce Market
– Market data and future trend for global cross-border e-commerce business
– Opportunities and challenges of global cross-border e-commerce
– Market outlook for 2015 global cross-border e-commerce
– Creation of global cross-border e-commerce community, achieve the goal of Buy
globally, and sell globally
09.30 Insight and Analysis of Latest Policies of Shanghai Free Trade Zone: What is the Benefit
for Cross-Border eCommerce
10.00 Panel Discussion: Cross-Border eCommerce Pilot Cities
Senior officials from relevant government agencies of entities of the areas of Shanghai,Ningbo, Hangzhou,
Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and Chongqing will address issues such as policies and incentives, innovative business modes, the ways to clear obstacles and to promote healthy development of cross-border e-commerce.
10.45 Coffee Break & Networking

#Gold Rush on China’s BoomingCross- Border E-Commerce Import Market#
11.00 Analysis on Various Business Model of Cross-Border eCommerce import and Prospect on Future Trends
– What are the main business models for cross-border ecommerce import industry:
Overseas shopping service, discount sales on own stock, or overseas brands platform service?
– Frameworks of current cross-border ecommerce import market in China and future trends.

11.20 Cross-Border eCommerce Market Opportunities in China : Imported Food Products Focus
– Cross-Border eCommerce Supply Chain Integration of Imported Food Products
– In-depth analyze on mainstream imported food eCommerece players in China
– How to develop imported food ecommerce business? what is the market potential in China?

11.45 Panel Discussion: Cross-Border eCommerce Import Platforms
This forum will bring together mainstream Chinese import e-platforms,including the official platforms in pilot cities, import portals of large comprehensive e-business,dedicated import e-platforms,to discuss the cross-border e-commerce business mode, and how they cooperate with overseas brands and agents, and the way they respectively deal with the issues of logistics, customs clearance and after-sale service and etc..
12.45 Buffet lunch

#Solving the Cross-Border eCommerce Puzzles#
14.00 Cross-Border eCommerce Supply Chain Solution
14.30 Overcome Cross-Border Online Payment Challenges
15.00 Customs Clearance and Goods Inspection
16.00 Coffee Break & Networking

#China eCommerce MarketWinning Strategies for Foreign Companies#
16.15 End-to-End Cross-Border eCommerce Solutions for Foreign Companies expansion in China
16.45 How to Carry on Omni-channel Retailing Strategy in China
– Impact on traditional retailing industry in digital era
– Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile Marketing and more
– Online 2 Offline (O2O) Commerce Strategy
– Successful case studies
17.15 Panel Discussion: HowCan Overseas Brands win China’s e-shoppers?
This forum will gather retail brands in various countries, including traditional brick and
motar retailers and pure eCommerce pure players, some of which have been in Chinese market for many years while others are just embarking on aggressive business plans, they will share their understanding about China ‘s e-commerce and market expansion strategies.
– New discoveries from the 10,000 analysis of Chinese e-buyers
– Uniqueness of China’s eCommerce market, consumer shopping habit, retailing models and more
– How to formulate your brand’s e-commerce strategy in China market?
– How to Improve eCommerece user experience in China market
– How to do digital marketing in China
– The successful cases to be learnt from as well as failures and traps to be avoided
18.00 End of the Conference

18.30 China Cross-border eCommerce Industry Leaders Award Ceremony and VIP Banquet

Featured Image Credit: Maxx-Studio / Shutterstock