Much-watched Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, last month, hinted at plans to enter Southeast Asian cosmopolitan hub Singapore. Today, with an announcement from Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global, and a Facebook brand page, the firm has started its campaign to launch products in the city-state.

This move into Singapore and Barra’s interest in the Southeast Asian market, as inferred from his statements at a press conference in Taiwan, also means the new office in the island nation could be the firm’s headquarters for Southeast Asia.

At time of filing the report, the Facebook page for Xiaomi Singapore had already garnered 910 likes. The general sentiment on the page seems to lean towards ‘better late than never’.

While it is exciting that Xiaomi will be launching its phones in Singapore and the rest of the region very soon, will it be able to grab a large chunk of the smartphone market pie? Let’s wait and watch.

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