Online content discovery, marketing and monetisation platform Cinemacraft today announced that it has reeled in US$775,000 in strategic funding from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and American businesswoman and fashion icon Tyra Banks’s investment arm, Fierce Capital.

Founded in June 2012, the Japanese company had received US$1.5 million in funding from NTT DoCoMo, 500Startups, and Turner Media Camp last July, and unspecified seed investment from angel investors. According to the official statement, this latest investment will bring the total external funds injected in the firm to US$3 million.

Cinemacraft works by enabling brands and publishers to deliver context-driven engagement for videos and photographs, which in return gives the reach of the video or photo a boost. Its flagship products are Videogram for videos, and qixshr for photos. It also took the opportunity to announce a new video advertising unit, the Videogram native ad unit, and a smart TV product line.


According to the official website, the existing Videogram uses a unique algorithm to consider variables like motion, light, colour, and clip duration, to allow better browsing and discovery. In addition, videos can be embedded on websites, mobile native apps and connected TV interfaces. The new native ad unit will now enable three types of monetisation (Cost per mille, Cost per click and Affiliate kickback) on one ad placement.

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“Currently, the only way to monetise on video is pre-roll or mid-roll video ads,” said Sandeep Casi, Founder and CEO, Cinemacraft. He continued, “With the videogram native ad unit, content owners, and brands can now throw in display ads on video sourced either from their internal ad inventory or from our curated ad network partners.”

With offices in Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, US; Seoul, South Korea; and Mumbai, India, Cinemacraft will be utilising the funds to “accelerate global deployments” with Samsung Ventures and Fierce Capital as partners. The firm’s Head of Operations, Tim Karunaratne told e27 that its biggest markets are currently the US, Korea and Japan. However, it is preparing to enter Europe and Latin America later this year.

The team will also work towards improving the current platform.”We are iterating the platform and our B2B clients can expect to see more immersive social features as well as gamification of Videogram,” said Rahul Golecha, VP, Engineering, Cinemacraft.

In the coming months, users can look forward to more social features, like video memes and a way for them to create videograms with their mobile videos.