After China’s National E-Commerce Day, last month, here comes India’s turn. If Google India is celebrating the Great Online Shopping Festival on December 11, 12 and 13, Citibank India has like last year, tried to preempt Google’s initiative with its own OMG Sale, holding its version on December 4 and 5.

The bank this year has extended the sale to 48 hours, instead of the 24-hour sale last year; and also has participating merchants number going up from 16 last year to more than 20 this year.

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The OMG Sale is while restricted to Citi card holders, India does need more intitiatives ;like these to give boost to the e-commerce industry. The initiative is widely promoted on social media owing to Citibank’s popularity on Facebook, where it had 555,794 followers (in terms of Likes) at the time of publishing the story.

According to SapientNitro India, the digital marketing agency that handled Citibank India’ online campaign for OMG Sale, Citibank card spends grew eight times over average daily spends at the partnering websites during the sale last year.

India also saw the launch of Great Online Shopping Festival by Google last year on 12.12.12.