clozette logoUpon first being introduced to Clozette I was impressed, to say the least. It is described as a fashion social network, but it proves to be much more than just that.

A fashion enthusiast myself, I found myself asking, why haven’t I seen this site before? Oh yeah, because it’s from Singapore, and I’m from Chicago. Which is why I quickly scoured Google to see if we have anything similar to this back in the States.

The closest site found originated from Brazil and was introduced to the US in June 2012, called ““.

Although boasts over a million users, it doesn’t come close to competing with Clozette. required one to be invited in order to join. So I requested an invitation to see what it was all about. I was hoping once you got the invite the site would expand to its full version rather than the initial demo it allows you to view without membership. This wasn’t the case. looks essentially identical to Pinterest. There are fashion apps that you can click on, however, but they are equally unimpressive.

e27-Fashion.meTo start, there are only three apps: “trend it,” “dress up,” and “closet.”

Overall seems like a site that a twelve year old girl might enjoy. And that is pretty much the extent of it. So I have to ask, why is this site expanding its membership to the US but not Clozette?

Alternatively, Clozette offers a much more comprehensive and impressive site. It really is the ultimate fashion social network. They have four key community activities: Discover, Share, Organize and Shop.

The center of the site is the virtual closet platform. Within this closet you can store photos of items you own, just bought or simply wish you had.

Users can create and share styles, be it with virtual items from products online, or with pictures taken of their favorite items in their closets.

Members can comment on posts, like them, and share them. There are outlets for discussion in forums and there is even a section for shopping where products are linked to real places.

bazaar section of clozetteAnother great feature is a Bazaar in which users can buy, sell and swap items. The sites depth and dimension seems to be (as far as I can tell) unmatched by other similar platforms I have stumbled upon.

Not only is there a fashion element, there is also a beauty section which also allows you to search and share beauty looks, tips and tutorials in both video and picture form. The beauty section is complete with the same features from the fashion section: discussion forums, “looks” that users can create and share, and plenty more.

The scope of usefulness on both the producers and consumers’ sides should not go without recognition. One of the founders of Clozette, Roger Yuen, commented on the site’s innovative structure.

“We have designed the site that it’s also a digital platform for brands, retailers, designers and artisans to engage and interact with consumers and fashion tastemakers to build communities,” Roger said. “User generated content and advertisers’ messages co-exist in harmony through their relevancy.”

It only makes sense to me that fashion is heading in this direction with a site like Clozette. With everything becoming more and more virtual, and different kinds of social networking sites popping up everywhere, fashion lovers should be developing outlets to share and navigate the already massive online fashion world.

My own obsession with clothing and makeup was enough to make me insanely envious Clozette has yet to expand to the US. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves fashion beauty. The interactive nature and ability to connect with other people over a similar interest is invaluable. I have zero doubts that it would prove to be immensely popular should it ever expand to the US.

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Bailey Monte is currently an intern for Fetch Plus Inc as well as contributing writer for e27 and Charlton Media Group. Back in the states, she is the opinions editor for her school newspaper. She was the Today Show’s Youth Correspondent 2006-2008 reporting and producing stories, ultimately interviewing Miley Cyrus and other notable people. She hopes to follow a career path in broadcast journalism in the future.