Photo: Rent Tycoons

For this week’s Coffee with Cofounders series, we have Swito Yuber and Fenni Wang from Rent Tycoons with us. We found out how Rent Tycoons were doing recently when we interviewed them, and this time round, Rent Tycoons is sharing with us their founding story.

How did both of you meet?
Swito was a consultant working on an IT project for the organization that I just joined. I was new to the company and we quickly became friends as we shared many common interests such as the passion for entrepreneurship, community work and the superb food in Singapore!

Why did the both of you decided to take the plunge together?
When we met our business mentor, Boyd Au, who advised that I was eligible for the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES! Start-up grant for below 26 years old) from SPRING Singapore, we took action immediately as I was turning already 26 years old at that time.

Did any of you feel like quitting at any point?
Yes we did ‘quit’ — we both quit our full-time jobs to run Rent Tycoons (hahaha..!). We do have challenging moments, but are able to help one another because our skills complement each other.


Photo: Rent Tycoons

Whats the achievement of Rent Tycoons in the last three months?
There is a growing interest among businesses towards Rent Tycoons as they see it as a platform for their rental products and services. Since we started, Rent Tycoons has helped many rental start-ups kickstart their business services.

How many users does Rent Tycoons has right now?
We have over 100 users and over 6000 unique visitors since Rent Tycoons started in October 2011.


Photo: Rent Tycoons

To Fenni, what is the best Valentines Day gift that you would want to receive this year?
Every occasion is a good reason to scoot out of Singapore, especially during Valentines Day. Recently, an owner offered his luxurious holiday resort for rent : “A week at the “Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach“, I must say, he is extremely creative! And yes, my preferred V-Day gift is a nice holiday destination where there is the sun, sea as well as holiday moments that could last for a lifetime.

Of course, in conjunction with Valentines Day, Rent Tycoons is having a contest with cash prizes for the most active user. Do check the details of the contest at their official page.