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The recent acquisition of Palm and the subsequent revival of WebOS platform by HP is a strong indicator of the precedence of the platform over the device. With the rate at which Android, iPhone OS, Symbian and Samsung bada are growing, developers are increasingly being spoilt for choice. The kinds of innovative applications being built are also a true testament to the fact that mobile platform features are enablers of creativity not just in its development but also for the distribution and monetization services.

At the Samsung bada Developer day, mobile application developers will get a hands-on approach not just to the technical specifications of the platform, but also platform-independent strategies for their mobile applications. Through panel discussions, attendees can gain an in-depth insight into various features of the mobile platforms and how to leverage on them to create opportunities for making revenue.

One such panel is on monetization opportunities for mobile applications. With the rise of mobile advertising networks and various distribution channels, each application can be marketed and monetized in various ways. To discuss the pros and cons of each of these methods and case studies of various applications, we have experienced folks from the industry who’ve successfully managed to monetize from their apps and also a representative from monetization enablers a.k.a payment gateways. They include Hong Ting – Co-founder of 2359 media, creator of SGMalls, Ian Morrisson – CIO of one of the leading mobile services provider – iPOP and Chua Zi Yong from Stream Media, who are actively focusing on the mobile space.  They will be discussing about topics ranging from in-apps purchase to conventional and unconventional mobile advertising.

The second panel will be a discussion on some of the cool features offered by the bada platform such as Face Recognition, Augmented Reality and Location Based Services. The panel consists of Will Tang – creator of number one game in the iPhone app store – SGMahjong, Bernard Leong– co founder of location based web application – Chlkboard and Gibson Tang– co-founder of Azukisoft who creates digital entertainment applications, products and services with a strong focus on the mobile space. They will be discussing various service centric features offered by the bada platform and how to leverage on them for better distribution of your applications.

With active participation from the community and our panelists, the discussion will be kept open and unbiased. We invite you to come and share your thoughts on these relevant topics to the mobile ecosystem.

Please be reminded to RSVP at by May 14, 2010 and register at before attending the bada Developer Day on May 21, 2010.