What is it?

ComeHackWithUs (CHWU) is a two-month hackathon for 12 of the best designers and developers organized by Walter Heck, Mine Akman, as well as Malaysia-based Inbaraj Suppiah. The 12 “chosen ones” will spend their two months in Bali working on open source technology that might change the future of the Internet. The 12 designers and developers will be housed in a private villa away from other tourist distractions so that they can focus on hacking. Of course, there will be other exciting activities included to help build technical skills, leadership and even entrepreneurial skills.

“The Hackathon that will make all other hackathons look like a joke. Remote tropical island, luxurious villa, 12 geniuses, 2 months of pure hacking! We take care of the roof over your head, the food you’ll eat (we’ll have a cook), a clean environment (cleaning staff)… in short, you just show up with a great idea and high motivation and we’ll make sure we give you everything you need to make it successful,” reads the official CHWU website.


Tell me more

The dates of the hackathon are set for early January 2013 until early March 2013. The projects that the 12 designers and developers will do must revolve around the theme “Thinking of an Open Source tomorrow.”

“Ultimately, we want people to work on projects that have a bigger purpose than just this edition of ComeHackWithUs,” said co-founder Walter Heck. Why should you join? All the necessary infrastructure will be provided. That means cosy beds, excellent food, networking facilities, internet connection, and of course, a stunning view of Bali.”

How do I know whether I fit the bill?

The CHWU team is looking for someone who fits the following criteria:

  • Social, friendly & humble
  • Experienced in living communal lifestyle
  • In-depth design/tech knowledge
  • Work experience
  • MSc. / BSc. degree
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Below 35 years old

So if you fit the bill, you can head over and apply now at the CHWU website and embark on a possibly world changing two-month hackathon.

Featured Image Credits: TechWireAsia