We, at e27, believe in Asia’s startup ecosystem. As such, we value their insights, put the spotlight on their contributions to their industries, and celebrate the wins that they have.

This spotlight is on Pickupp, logistics tech platform and one of the Judges’ Choice of TOP100 Singapore Qualifier. We got the chance to interview co-founder Crystal Pang about what Pickupp does, what motivates them, and why it’s a good time for logistics.

On what Pickupp does, exactly

Pickupp is a fast growing B2C and C2C logistics tech platform offering the most efficient, dynamic, low cost solutions for merchants with delivery needs. We are specialised in providing on-demand, 4-hour, door-to-door delivery service.

On the Pickupp business model

Our business model was motivated by the inefficiencies we discovered in the courier market where it takes a long lead time for parcels to be delivered (sometimes few days), and often times services are not the best (rigid and unknown arrival times, unknown whereabouts of the parcel at a given time, rude services, etc).

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On what makes Pickupp unique

Pickupp’s uniqueness lies in the highly optimised batching and chaining technology we provide tailored last mile service for both bulk and ad-hoc deliveries. Our flexible delivery window and scheduling function for routine deliveries as well as sporadic demand spikes have already assisted thousands of online retailers to delight their customers with same-day delivery.

On how they manage that

With our diverse supply network – walkers, motorcycles, vans, we can satisfy any door-to-door delivery needs at low cost.

On what motivates them

We realised a lot of young persons (students, new graduates), low income families, and retirees have minimal or no access to social security safety net (inadequate pension, minimal unemployment assistance for low income families etc). A high proportion of these people struggle to make additional income but they are willing to work to earn some extra income to supplement their income or support their families. Our platform provides them flexibility and opportunity to earn the additional income.

On why it’s a good time to play in the logistics playground

A lot of people said logistics is complicated and difficult, and our team fully agree with that view. However, the logistics and courier market has a lot of room for improvement with the rise of gig economy and better optimisation technology. We understand there are a lot of “marketplaces” out there matching demand and supply, but there’s little focus on optimisation and focus to help lower cost to the extent possible.

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On what it takes to be a member of the Pickupp team

Passion and dedication. Our team’s passion in providing fast delivery service at reasonable cost and our dedication to solve this difficult logistic problem will be the key attributes to the success of Pickupp platform.

On why millennials don’t deserve a lot of criticism they receive online

I am amazed by the number of young and energetic millennials I met in this startup journey. They have great entrepreneurial spirit, and have not been defined and moulded to certain shape or form by rigid corporate life. They understand that the best platform for learning is not with an institution, but on the job.

On the trend they are looking forward to explore

Better optimisation technology, including machine learning.

On joining TOP100 APAC

TOP100 is a great channel for us to mingle and connect with potential customers, partners and investors. It’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to the summit in June.

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