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We, at e27, believe in Asia’s startup ecosystem. As such, we value their insights, put the spotlight on their contributions to their industries, and celebrate the wins that they have.

This spotlight is on STORM Technologies, a HR tech platform and Judges’ Choice winner of TOP100 Philippine Qualifier. We got the chance to interview Client Acquisition and Servicing Director Cindy Burdette about what they do and how they handle being the new kid in an old-fashioned industry.

On what STORM Technologies is, really

STORM Technologies is a firm with a platform that lets employers and employees maximise their benefits and incentives through technology. We work with companies to figure out, analyse their benefits and incentives plans, and then put that in our system where the employees can make flexible choices about their needs and wants.

On the challenge of having a highly technical product in an old-fashioned industry

A lot of our challenges emanate from the beginning of the sales funnel: product understanding. Because benefits and incentives are quite technical, a lot of HR and Operations leaders in the country don’t have enough understanding about best practices, or at least the different ways they can innovate in this space.

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On the important part of their strategy

We spend quite a significant amount of time in our go-to-market to really educate our HR and Ops partners on why innovation in benefits and incentives should be top priority.

On competing with large companies for talent

When STORM was starting, we didn’t have as much traction and as many employees who could bring word of mouth to the talent market in terms of how nice a place STORM is for young, aspiring talents. But soon, when we started growing, our hiring process got a bit better and faster since we were getting good word out in the talent market.

On that characteristic of their team they know would bring success

Our relentlessness. If there is one thing sure in any startup’s journey, it’s that we will all experience problems and hiccups in varying degrees. But the STORM team, through it all, continues to pull through and deliver above expectation.

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On what STORM Technologies wants to be when it grows up

Our vision is to be the best and largest benefits provider and aggregator not just for the Philippine market but globally.

On the surprising thing about the startup journey

I think it would be how painful and tiring it could really be and also equally fulfilling. Because I’m so invested in what we want to accomplish, failures and shortcomings really become painful to deal with because we want to do the right thing and best action in the first try. But startup life is all about relentless problem-solving so the fulfilment in solving different problems internally and externally really gives me a great high.

On the trend/innovation they are looking forward to explore

We recently launched another project called ALLCARE. I think this is where the employee market is going – gigs / freelancing / outsourcing / shared service platforms. So to be, as always, the first to explore this in the perspective of benefits and incentives is going to be exciting for the STORM gang.

On why they joined TOP100 APAC

We wanted to have the privilege of representing the country in the global and regional start ups arena and by doing so, showcase the ingenuity not just of STORM but of other Filipino start ups and maybe hope more investors come to the Philippines.

On their TOP100 APAC experience

We are excited to be in SG this June and maximise the learning and networking opportunities there. We’re gonna pitch excellently for sure. And take lots of photos and share a lot of our insights through our social media pages!

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