After months of public beta, Japan based startup, has finally launched its beautiful website, allowing users to browse user generated content on the web browser., a mobile app that allows you to manage your favourite spots and places you want to visit easily, launched its web application yesterday. Some of the features that you can enjoy with the web app includes saving the places you are interested in, see the places you have been to on a map to look back at your experiences, as well as synchronizing your geo-tagged Instagram and Facebook places to share them with your friends.

With the web app, adds another layer of user experience to all its existing users. On its homepage, you can now see featured post as well as popular entries, allowing users to easily explore what people are sharing and talking about. The featured post also sees a collection of photos around popular themes which people are actively sharing on The beautiful main page features the Masonry style design made popular by online pinboard Pinterest, and has infinite scroll enabled so users can indulge in discovering new places and experiences infinitely.

Other than that, users can also view the individual entries of each post, and see various details including where the photo is taken, the comments of the photo, as well as other users who ‘liked’ and ‘bookmarked’ the photo. Looking at the web app of, it does seem to be the web app that Instagram never had.

A while back, we did a coverage of and since then, the team has managed to be the first and only Asian company at the recent Tech Cocktail’s SXSW showcase, and has now shipped its beautiful web app. was also our Echelon 2011 alumnus and was our community partner during Echelon 2012’s Japan Satellite.

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