Cooliris announced today that DOCOMO Capital Inc., the venture arm of NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan’s largest mobile communications operator, has invested an undisclosed amount in the company.

This strategic investment will strengthen Cooliris’ presence in the Japanese market and accelerate the global penetration of its mobile rich media applications.

“DOCOMO is an ideal strategic partner for us to expand our reach to Japanese customers,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO. “With LiveShare in the market and the new Cooliris app coming soon, we hope to accelerate our success and bring more awesome media experiences to Asia and beyond.” Interestingly, Cooliris has been excitingly quiet about their upcoming launch of the new Cooliris app. Something big is definitely cooking with Cooliris and with the backing of DOMOCO, the vote of confidence definitely excites us.

Industry trends

The current trend in the market increasingly emphasizes media-centric communication. Internet players have massively profited from this – for example, last month was the first month that Facebook mobile traffic was higher than Facebook web traffic. With the proliferation of SMS replacement apps such as WhatsApp, LiveShare, and iMessage, telco carriers have seen a decline in traditional SMS usage. To account for this evolution in mobile habits, telco carriers have to partner with companies like Cooliris to keep them moving forward. Asian carriers are currently the frontrunners in recognizing this need, and we see this happening in companies like SingTel, when they acquired Amobee and AdJitsu. DOCOMO has also partnered with Evernote, Eye-fi and now Cooliris to stay ahead of the curve.

Consumer behavior

On consumer behavior, Derek Tan, Business Development Manager of Cooliris, he shared: “When it comes to mobile, social and communication apps, consumer behavior falls into the new 3C’s (creation, curation and consumption).  Weaving the 3C’s seamlessly into smart and visually delightful user experience is what Cooliris is about.  For example, with Cooliris’ product LiveShare, which is a media-rich messaging app, consumers can communicate visually around contexts. With the localization of the LiveShare app in Japan, we’ve seen a five times increase in downloads.”

About Cooliris

From the company that created the popular Cooliris desktop plugin with over 45 million downloads, the default Android Gallery application with over a million users, the Discover app that transforms Wikipedia into a magazine on iPad, and LiveShare, the most beautiful messaging app for iPhone, Android and the Web, now comes the all-new Cooliris application for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV