poin-webReward website poin-web is now available in Indonesia.

An online points provider poin-web that focuses on bridging the gap between advertisers and consumers is now available in Indonesia. This startup is a joint-venture between Corfina Capital and Real World Japan.

In Japan itself, this startup takes the same concept with the original name Real World Japan. It was only later that Corfina Capital took interest and used poin-web to penetrate the ever-growing Indonesian market.

poin-web is a content-based portal that features games and questionnaires in which users are rewarded upon finishing a game or completing each questionnaire. Once users have accumulated enough points, this point system allows users to redeem products or services from collaborating partners of poin-web such as MAP Group, KFC, Carrefour, McDonald’s, Indomog, Gudang Voucher, Burger King, Rakuten, PayPal, among others.

How does poin-web bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers? Advertisers create promotions in forms of games or questionnaire which later provide rewards for users. Such rewards can be used by consumers to redeem products or services from the said advertisers. This is a win-win situation for both parties as users get to engage and enjoy the games or answer questionnaires to get rewards whereas the advertisers manage to rake in more consumers for their companies. For example, an e-commerce site provides 3000 points for poin-web users that can later be utilised for products or discounts on the site.

According to COO of poin-web, Tatsuhito Muramatsu, they are constantly looking for local content to be integrated into the platform, be it games or questionnaires. He also mentioned that the traffic count for the site is slowly growing and is showing positive numbers. For such business, it is imperative to keep it interesting so that users are constantly engaged. Users’ acquisition will be done by promoting and using the “Invite your friends” feature on its site which can double or triple users’ points when users invite and introduce the website to their friends. This business is also similar to another Japanese reward website, Excite Point.

Source : DailySocial