South Korean couple app Between is closing in on Thailand, a market which seems to be brimming with potential for the company. Today, it announced that it has partnered with Thai e-commerce platform to direct users to 20 items of which prices have been slashed.

Twelve of the aforementioned couple-related items have been listed on a microsite on Tarad, and another eight are shown on Between’s event box, which is often used for announcements or advertisements. Some of the items include couple rings, a Hello Kitty bouquet and watches.

Joash Wee, General Manager, Singapore, VCNC (which is the parent company of Between) said, “This partnership will help the Between team evaluate how we can play an important role in the e-commerce space in this region. With Thailand being our largest and fastest growing market in Southeast Asia, it is definitely an exciting time for Between to explore the country.”


Between’s Event box

According to Wee, as of January 1, 2014, there were a total 103,172 downloads in Thailand. The number has surged a good 15 per cent to 118,893 by February 1, 2014. While this campaign will drum up more awareness for Between in one of its top 10 markets, Tarad will stand to gain access to potential customers from Between, who are couples.

In fact, Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, Founder and Managing Director, Tarad, told e27 that through a campaign launched with chat app LINE last December, he has seen first-hand the positive effects mobile marketing has on e-commerce businesses. He added that the niche market Between offers fits Tarad well. “Because lovers always give each other things. That is a good chance for e-commerce (companies) like us to fill in the gap.

What is truly noteworthy is that Tarad has always been a visionary in the mobile commerce business. It has had a mobile site since 2003. Pongvitayapanu said, “We believed that mobile commerce is coming, and now it is here.”

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Microsite on Tarad

Earlier this week, Between also worked with Wongnai, an online platform for dining matters, to co-brand a guide detailing the ten ideal restaurants for date nights in Thailand. This is similar to what it has done with Singaporean mobile food journaling app Burpple. The guides are then marketed to Between users via its event box.