Recently launched by PT. Finixorgle Indonesia, Pixtem is a platform that caters to users’ need to create beautiful and personalised websites with one’s own domain name. It is also useful for entrepreneurs who wish to have their own websites without the hassle of worrying about the cost, design, safety features and monitoring for traffic even as they are busy with other tasks. Starting this year, Pixtem will be able to provide its web building platform with customizable widgets and is user-friendly.

According to Steven Octavianus, PT. Finixorgle Indonesia CEO, it has always been a need for online entrepreneurs to run their own websites, and some have resorted to blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook. He says that many online entrepreneurs are selling products using free hosted web services when running their own website with e-commerce capabilities will actually be more advantageous.

Pixtem is simple to use, as it helps users to set up their own website in a matter of minutes. The service includes a variety of themes and designs to choose from, which are categorized in a systematic manner, allowing users to arrange their inventories according to labels. In terms of price, Pixtem is lso flexible and scalable. For example, if your website displays a lot of pictures, you can choose a packages that fits the size requirement for your images. Pixtem’s pricing packages offers all-inclusive basics such as generic domain and hosting servers for a year.

Equipped with a search engine optimizer, Pixtem ensures your website is searchable in Google and other search engines. The service offers a 30-day free trial, which users can upgrade to paid packages.

Source : Tekno Jurnal

Image Credits : Tekno Jurnal