With the rise of cloud software and storage services, it has become very convenient for people to access their files anywhere, from their desktops as well as mobile devices. Even so, problems such as high cost, lack of capacity, and low connectivity speeds have deterred the public from using most cloud services, restricting them to free, low-capacity services such as Dropbox and Box.

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What if you could use your high-performance home PC as your very own cloud server, making use of cheap terabyte-size hard drives and fibre connections? This is where Nanohive comes in. A device barely larger than a USB charger, Nanohive is a small Linux-based server that plugs directly into a wall socket, becoming a personal server and hub to share and transfer files speedily.

In addition to sharing files, Nanohive allows users to host a website for free as well. Users can either sign up for a free domain name at mynanohive.(Choice of Name).com, or connect their own domains directly to the device. Nanohive’s Linux backbone, similar to that running major web servers, has been optimised to handle heavy web traffic and interaction.

In effect, the mynanohive portal serves as a personal cloud for the user, allowing him or her to control permissions on who can view or edit files. The Nanohive system is secured through a 256-bit AES encryption system, with systems to guard against attacks such as SQL injection, bot attacks, and brute force attacks. In addition, the administrative panel can only be accessed within the local Nanohive network, making it secure against external network attacks and network spying.

Below are a few of Nanohive’s features and technical specifications:

  • Quad Core ARM processor (SoC)
  • Linux flavored operating system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB of onboard storage
  • Dual USB 2.0 ports for expandable storage capacity
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Uses less than 5 watts of power

Currently, the project is being funded on Kickstarter. As of today, it has gathered over 400 backers and US$37,000 in funding, a little more than halfway to its goal of US$60,000. Nanohive’s crowdfunding campaign will end on  interested have got around 35 days left!

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