Creators of Journey secure US$7M funding from China's Capital Today

Thatgamecompany will use the investment for the new phase of development of its yet-to-be-announced upcoming project

By Jonathan Toyad


If you’ve played indie darlings called Flower and Journey on PlayStation 3, then you’ll know that those titles are the works of game studio Thatgamecompany. If it previously had issues securing funds for its upcoming projects, it doesn’t now.

According to an announcement on its official site, the company received a US$7 million round of funding from Chinese venture firm Capital Today; it deals with companies such as diamond retailers Zbird and herbal skincare producer Sinoway.

The investment will be used in Thatgamecompany’s new phase of development for its yet-to-be-announced upcoming project.

Thatgamecompany Studio Manager Sunni Pavlovic said that they’re happy partnering with Capital Today and other investors who share their vision of making ‘meaningful interactive experiences’. “With this new investment, our studio is able to scale up development efforts to focus on making the best game possible in the same spirit as flOw, Flower, and Journey. We’ll also begin laying the infrastructure to self-publish, market, and distribute on our own terms for this next project and beyond,” added Pavlovic.

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Thatgamecompany’s last game title, Journey, earned critical acclaim worldwide for its experience and aesthetics. Back in 2012, after publishing the game with Sony Computer Entertainment, the company split up and raised US$5.5 million in funding from Benchmark Capital so that it could recollect itself. With this venture funding, the indie studio at least has financial security for now.

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