Doing business is more than just focusing on sales and revenue. These days, your bottomline is affected by how well you connect with customers and how quickly you are able to gain traction with your target audience. Firms like The Stakeholder Company (TSC) help businesses solve issues and find opportunities through data intelligence.

TSC has just announced an investment of S$600,000 by Red Dot Ventures, given the rising trend for businesses to manage complex stakeholder relationships. TSC has so far serviced A-listers like HP, Nokia Siemens and Syngenta, and has recently entered into a contract with a major energy firm to “reduce political and operational risks” relevant to a new multibillion-dollar infrastructure project.

TSC uses proprietary technologies in mapping trends and synthesizing key influencers, organizations, conversations, topics and authority, among others. “This is CRM meets 6 degrees of separation meets big data issue mining,” highlights founder Terence Lyons, who said the company was founded from the need for multinationals to reengineer and protect their corporate reputations.

Terence also stresses that their service saves customers “literally years of building the right stakeholder network” through cutting-edge intel and relationship-mapping on demand.

“This is a highly scalable market,” adds Red Dot Ventures managing director Leslie Loh, noting how market intelligence can benefit both startups and established businesses alike.