Not long after its expansion to the Philippines, crowdsourcing design marketplace DesignCrowd has announced that it will be acquiring Worth1000 for an undisclosed amount.

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Founded back in 2002, Worth1000 is a graphic design community and creative content marketplace, and its many popular Photoshop contests regularly attract  a large number of surreal entries. Currently, over 600,000 graphic designers, customers, writers, photographers and illustrators call Worth1000 home, making it a veritable gathering point for artistic talent.

According to Chris McNamara, COO of DesignCrowd, Worth1000’s scores of users will help it expand its community. “Worth1000 is home to thousands of businesses and some of the world’s best graphic designers, and we’re very excited to have them join our community,” he said. “You can now reach more creative talent through DesignCrowd than if you knocked on the door of every design agency in the US, Australia and the UK combined.”

This expanded community, says McNamara, will allow DesignCrowd to better cater to its customers’ needs. “A growing number of businesses around the world are looking to online crowdsourcing communities to get work done, and we’re working hard to support this demand globally,” he noted.

Already, DesignCrowd has started the migration process of Worth1000’s users to its platform. In the next few weeks, companies will be able to commission the talents behind such masterpieces as Darth HomerTree Spirit, and Rustshroom!

Image Credit: Meilun/Shutterstock