Indian startup, Cruxbot, summarizes webpages to help readers decide if the content is relevant to them.

How often have you visited your local library or bookshop and purchased a book without reading its blurb? How about the number of times you visited a webpage without knowing its contents?

Unlike physical books that give readers a sneak peak into what to expect of the content inside through its blurb, online information does not provide readers with such benefits. As a result, we may often end up opening multiple tabs, lost in a sea of information.

Creating an easy-to-use tool that is directly integrated into web browsers, Cruxbot is a new innovation that allows online content consumers to get the main gist of the article before embarking on reading a full page worth of texts.

I got in touch with CEO & Founder of this Indian startup, Cruxbot, Nirmit Parikh, to find out more about this amazing time-saving product.

Cruxbot helps users save time on finding online information by summarizing key points. People can sieve through tons of online web pages, get annoyingly overwhelmed by the plethora of informationand still never find what they are looking for.  Plus, people are people are often on the lookout for something short and precise.

Founder of Cruxbot, Nirmit Parikh. Image: Nirmit

The service surfs through long web pages that are filled with frustrating and exhausting verbiage, and distills them to their essence in a few notes, thereby helping the user get the gist of the story before he decides whether or not the entire article is worth reading.

Cruxbot attracted more than 13,000 users from more than 100 countries without much marketing. The team believes in making a quality product that will in turn make users happy and sell for itself.

Besides that, the team is tapping on social media marketing through its community of Facebook fans on Cruxbot’s Facebook page. Being featured on many blogs has also helped to amplify the product’s reach to a bigger audience.

Next steps for Cruxbot. The team will be focusing on the four aspects:

  1. Rigorous user-testing to keep improving the product and tailoring it to real user-need scenarios
  2. More focus on mobile than on the web as mobile adoption is key to company’s success.
  3. Developing a pro version to target users looking to summarize technical pdfs, word docs and web docs
  4. Pursuing partnerships with cloud providers to be a default summarization engine for their platform

The Cruxbot Team. Image: Cruxbot

The web summarization space is competitive. Some of the players in the market include Topicmarks, Copernics, Summly and Intellexer. Nonetheless, Cruxbot posseses the advantage in aspects such as:

  • Precise Summary as powered by Cruxbot’s  state–of-the-art machine learning algorithm.
  • Faster response time. Nirmit says that Cruxbots is at least 3x times faster than any of their present competitors.
  • Ease of use. Cruxbot is seamlessly integrated into the user’s browser. Other tools will require users to sign in and drag-and-drop content into textboxes.
  • More user control to customize summary. Cruxbot provides the control over length of summary and point of view which none of the competitors provide.
  • Available on the Android platform. None of the competitors is available on the android platform.

At Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace

Visibility and exposure are the team’s top priority at Echelon 2012. They are also opening lines of communication with potential investors and looking forward to meet investors and strategy partners at the event.

Cruxbot will be exhibiting at Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace. The team pitched their product at the Singapore Satellite in April.