Image credit: Bitspark

Image credit: Bitspark

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange startup Bitspark yesterday announced its beta launch, with plans to soon include a remittance and payment-processing service targeting Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to Bitspark, it was one of the top performers in Cyberport’s latest batch, a popular Hong Kong-based startup incubator, from which it received HK$530K (US$68,300) in funding. Other than that, the company says it is self-funded.

“With our beta launch we are offering support for six different coins, including new interesting cryptocurrencies that are trending at the moment,” said George Harrap, CEO, Bitspark in an interview with e27. “We’re all about providing a trustworthy and transparent company, especially in the Bitcoin space.”

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Harrap, who quit his job in Australia to come and launch Bitspark in Hong Kong, says it’s one of the few exchanges in the world where the reserves are auditable by the user and the code is open source.

“There are other exchanges here in Hong Kong,” he added, “but a few are just registered for the good regulatory environment for Bitcoin. We’re one of the few exchanges that actually have our team here… incubated at the Cyberport.”

Anyone interested in trying out the exchange can head over to the Bitspark website, which Harrap says is mobile-responsive, and register with an email to begin trading. It’s also working on some mobile app prototypes at present.

“We really want to convey that we’re more than just an exchange, we’re transparent, and we offer more cryptocurrencies than the competition — and we’re going to be adding more every week,” Harrap concluded.

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