Semantics3 is founded by Sivamani Varun, Govind Chandrasekhar, Vinoth Gopinathan, alongside teammates Shawn Tan and Srinivas Kidambi. The team has ambitious plans with their company: make sense of data in this digital age. Semantics3 indexes several e-commerce sites online and provides a self-serve API so developers can tap into the constantly updated database of consumer products. This allows developers to have access to detailed data for products sold on the web, including price histories, model, color, dimensions et cetera.

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Semantics3 runs on a freemium plan: the free plan gives developers 1,000 queries per day, and the pro plan (US$499 per month), gives developers 100,000 queries per day. Semantics also shared with TechCrunch that current customers range from Amazon sellers to one of the major international telecommunications companies.

With more and more data generated everyday, Semantics3 provides e-commerce and retailers a way to make sense of the data.

The company was also recently accepted into Mountain View based Y Combinator. Y Combinator is which provides seed money and mentorship to accepted startups. How much do they invest? “Usually $11,000 + $3000 per founder. So $17,000 for two founders, $20,000 for three or more. Occasionally we invest more.” In exchange, they take on average about six to seven percent of the company’s equity. As of 2013, Y Combinator has funded over 500 companies in over 30 different markets, including Dropbox, Heroku, Mixpanel, AirBnB, Codecademy, Hipmunk, 42Floors, and Exec.

We will be having a chat with co-founder Sivamani Varun today and will update the post with more information. The e27 team would also like to congratulate Semantics3 for being the first Singapore company to be accepted into Y Combinator.