David Isaac Mathews
Brand Growth & Business Model Design at BrandSpace - Brand, Business & Accounting Advisory


David cares deeply about product innovation, brand strategy and their impact on a business's overall business strategy. In 2014, David made his first successful exit after growing a company’s revenue 400% in 5 years. In 2015 he completed both the Stanford Graduate School of Business-National University of Singapore Executive Programme in International Management as well as the NUS Executive Education Strategic Management Programme.

In 2016, he founded RE-PC.org, a charity initiative renewing old laptops for distribution to the children of low-income families in Singapore and SEA. In his day job as Principal Brand Strategist at Brandspace Advisory, he consults and provides brand strategy, growth strategy and fundraising services for startups and SME's. He is also a co-founder of The Inceptery, a sustainability innovation consultancy. He is the co-trustee for a registered charitable trust focusing on education and healthcare in Singapore and in his spare time, David is a mentor for the DBS Hotspot pre-accelerator programme, as well as a local incubator.

David has over 10 years of business management experience, leading special projects based around business innovation leading to newly developed competitive advantage. He has worked with CEO’s on repositioning, consumer insight development and implementation projects for increased business performance. Industries he has covered include luxury watches, luxury fashion, technology start-ups, healthcare, commercial real-estate, luxury real-estate, food and beverage and even glass-pane manufacture. These projects have spanned the major cities of the South East Asian region.


Principal Brand Strategist

Brandspace Advisory

May, 2016 ‑ Present



May, 2016 ‑ Present

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