davinci app logoIf you’re a blogger, you might have felt before that although blogs do offer lots of tools and features, the formatting and finishing of a post can sometimes be exhausting. Social networks are great for sharing but they can be too chaotic and immediate to encourage high quality creation.

One example of the template design in davinci

This is why Isshu Rakusai decided to create an app to help others create original attractive content for the web. The result was davinci note, an app that allows users to layout and edit photos, write text, and share with an integrated UI built just for iPad.

Boasting a gracefully simple design, the app is also the first of its kind that uses the benefit of multi-touch to compose blog or blog style note on the iPad. It capitalizes on full multi-touch support and custom animations to provide the fastest and most enjoyable editing on a tablet.

Other key features include dynamic image layouts, 16 unique design templates, and advanced text and image editing features.

davinci note was developed by Nota Inc, a Kyoto-based startup. Speaking to Kenshin Fujiwara, an advisor to Nota Inc, he mentions that the team plans “to increase their user community by developing more features including the ability to export content to other platforms together with more design template styles to choose from.” Premium features are also in the pipeline for future development.

samples of davinci noteThe app was also recently featured in the Japan press and praised for its easy-to-adopt user interface and the classiness of the templates.

For the tech dummies, the app helps you concentrate on just creating quality content without worrying about other intimidating technicalities.

And for those particular on aesthetics, the apps will definitely help you push out beautiful posts without spending too much time on exercising creativity.