An app introduced last October to compete against the other messaging giant, LINE, Comm at its peak had almost 70 engineers in the team and five million users. However, it has now quietly this number together with other promotional activities.

Some of these promotional activities include TV advertisement in Japan, while some include some unique methods such as integrating casino games into the messaging app. No one knows whether it has made a real impact on user acquisition but DeNA has branded its app as an essential and effective tool of communication while playing casino games. For example, users can play the following casino titles with each other – while they are chatting:

  • Poker (up to seven people at the same time)
  • Daifugo (a Japanese card game, up to six people)
  • Mahjong (up to four people)

While playing, it is also possible to exchange text messages and stickers.

However, apart from LINE and KakaoTalk, DeNA’s app is also competing with apps like Kik, WhatsApp, WeChat, Cubie, or GREE Messenger. In Japan, LINE dominates the market at 44 percent, while other success stories such as WeChat, has acquired more than 50 million users in addition to their existing 300 million users in their home market of China.


Looks like DeNA is doing some spring cleaning in general. In other news, DeNA has also shut down five Mobage games in Japan, including Ninja Royale, and Infinity Blade Cross.