DeNA Co., Ltd., a mobile Internet service company, today just announced that it has formed its first advisory board consisting of key industry leaders, Rehito Hatoyama (director of Sanrio Company, Ltd), Nobuyuki Idei (founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation), Joichi Ito (director of MIT Media Lab), and Craig Sherman (managing director of Meritech Capital Partners).

DeNA will capitalize on the expertise of those in the board to continue the company’s mid- to long-term growth. According to the official announcement, the new board is scheduled to meet twice a year, providing external insights to support the Japan-based company in tightening its existing operations and starting new businesses in the existing mobile Internet sector.

In an article published by The Next Web in May 2013, the company is planning to launch titles aggressively in their home country, by “using knowledge from the US and Europe”. In the same article, it is cited that DeNa, who also operates the Mobage platform, which offers freemium mobile social games developed by both in-house and third-party developers, has also been reporting positive growth recently. Apparently, its annual revenue was stated as US$2 billion and the company is looking at nine consecutive years of ever-increasing profit.

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