Thai Internet userThailand is a growing market for technology startups. With a population of around 70 million, the fourth largest in Southeast Asia, Thailand holds many opportunities for local and foreign technology startups.

According to the Internet World Stats, Thailand’s Internet users in 2011 amounted to around 30 percent of the total population. A corresponding Nielson report showed that Internet usage is highest among the age group from 15 to 19 years, with male users being the dominant group.

The top two entertainment sites visited by Thais are Sanook and Kapook, with both having more than a million daily visitors. Top game sites in Thailand includes and On average, Thais spend about 16.6 hours weekly on the Internet, about 60 percent more than that on broadcast television and three times the amount of time spent listening to the radio.

The top three online activities for Thai users above the age of 15 includes emailing, reading the news and sending private messages via social networking sites.

Around 77 percent of consumers above the age of 15 own an Internet capable mobile phone while 70 percent have access to their own desktop computer. Laptops ownership stands at 61 percent for the same group while ownership of tablets is around 26 percent.

However, the report showed an interesting trend. Even though more than two thirds of Thai consumers above the age of 15 own an Internet capable mobile phone, the frequency used to access the internet stands at a surprisingly low seven percent. This compared to 38 percent for desktop computers and 35 percent for laptops, indicating the primary devices used.

The survey also took into account changing consumer trends. Around 41 percent of Thais indicated that they wished to purchase a tablet computer this year, in 2012, compared to 29 percent for laptops and 22 percent for smartphones. The wide demand by Thai consumers for tablets have since seen a 300 percent growth of the Thai tablet market.

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