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Created by a talented team who won the second runner up prize at the recent demo day organized by Thai Telco, DTAC, DietParty is not like any other weight loss app out there. Other than the usual food and exercise tracking dairy function, the founders have developed their own proprietary technology that is able to perform a friend pair for those with the same weight loss goals. 

Other technology include algorithms to calculate the ideal workout intensity and length for the individual, and a data analytics forecast to predict the date users can successfully complete their weight loss goals. Users are also allowed to apply other users successful diet formula and test it with themselves. This is on top of the beautifully designed user interface of the app.

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Sounds too geeky for someone just trying to lose weight? Well it can be, but all the user needs to know is that the app helps you to find a friend with the same weight loss goals. You two then work together to achieve the goals and receive both virtual and tangible rewards.

Speaking to founders Parada Mahapauraya and Palida Cherapisanjaroen, both of whom have been through several failed diets, they mentioned that at 53 percent, Asia Pacific has one of the highest percentage of consumers who want to lose weight. With the many slimming centers, health and wellness products around town,  media pressure, people in Thailand definitely pay heavy attention to their physical appearance. This is not a phenomenon unique to Thailand, but it is global too.

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With the cash prizes won from the DTAC Demo Day, DietParty can now expedite their expansion plans, work on validating their products, as they continually look for chances to cooperate with overseas investors and accelerator programs. Their current revenue model involves advertisements, a freemium model, and a developing high quality and analytic content from their users. The app is due for release at the app store in November 2013.

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